Why is India buying garbage from the world?

Why is India buying garbage from the world?

Friends, plastic waste is a big problem for the whole world! Even in our own country, you will get to see huge mountains of garbage, but friends, you will be surprised to know that despite having such a huge pile of garbage in our country, India buys garbage from other countries. Yes, you heard that right! India buys garbage worth crores of rupees every year from many countries of the world. After knowing this, the first question arising in your mind is why? When the waste of its own country is becoming a problem for the country, then why is India buying garbage from other countries? What is there in the waste of other countries that is not in the Indian waste? And what does India do by buying garbage?

At present, India is buying waste from about 25 countries of the world. Countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan are also included in these 25 countries including America, China, Japan, Germany and Italy. From all these countries, India buys about 4300 crore kg of garbage annually, which is worth crores. Lakhs of rupees also have to be spent in bringing the purchased waste from abroad.

Now the question is, why is India buying garbage from the world?

Well…the answer to this question is that India is buying waste from the world for its own benefit. Different products are made in India by recycling the waste purchased from abroad. You will be surprised to know that in our country, from road to petrol and clothes are made from plastic waste. For the manufacture of these things, India buys plastic waste from abroad.

You will be surprised to know that about 14 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced in India every year, whereas out of 14 million tonnes, only 4 million tonnes of plastic waste is recycled, that is, 10 million plastic waste of the country is recycled every year. If it goes in heaps, then why is the garbage bought from abroad in such a situation?
We will give you the answer of this question further in this video, but let us first tell you what things are made of plastic in India!

Petrol and diesel are natural resources. Naturally, the countries which have reserves of petrol and diesel, today all those countries have become rich. India may not have a stock of petrol and diesel, but now petrol and diesel are being produced in our own country too, and that too with such a thing, that two victims are being killed with one arrow, that is, Petrol is being made from plastic. By making petrol from plastic, one gets rid of the problem of plastic, and secondly, people get cheap petrol made from plastic in their own country.

Hyderabad’s mechanical engineer and professor Satish Kumar has accomplished the feat of making petrol from plastic! This innovation of his not only relieves the problems of plastic, but also gives us relief from the rising prices of petrol, because the price of this petrol prepared by him is only 40-50 rupees per liter. After researching for many years, Satish Kumar has found a way to make petrol from plastic. This process of making petrol from plastic is called plastic pyrolysis. In this process neither water is wasted, nor any kind of waste is generated. The biggest feature of this discovery of Professor Satish is that it has

Plastic can also be recycled and converted into petrol, which cannot be recycled for any other purpose!
Since 2016, Professor Satish has converted more than 50 tonnes of unrecyclable plastic into petrol. His company produces 200 liters of petrol per day from 200 kg of plastic, which is sold to local industries.
If the attention of the government comes towards the innovation of Professor Satish, and the government promotes it, then along with getting rid of the problem of plastic, India’s dependence on Arab countries for petrol and diesel will also be reduced and we will also get cheap petrol and diesel. .

The best use of plastic waste is to make a road out of plastic! Most of the countries of the world have now started thinking about making roads from plastic waste, whereas in our country India, the technology of making roads from plastic waste was developed in 2001 itself, and it was developed by Rajagopalan Vasudevan!
The first road from plastic in India was constructed in Chennai, after Chennai, roads were made from plastic waste in many big cities of the country. There are many benefits of making a road with plastic. Compared to normal roads, plastic roads are stronger, cost less and make better use of waste.
According to the 2019 data, about 34000 km of roads in India have been constructed from plastic so far. One million plastic bags are needed to build 1 kilometer of road.

Till 2019, thousands of kilometers of plastic road had been constructed in India, while plastic road technology has been developed in the United Kingdom in 2019, currently the plastic road is being trialled in the United Kingdom. Its trial is going on in Pakistan too and at present only 1 kilometer plastic road has been constructed there.
These figures testify to how far India is ahead of the rest of the world in recycling plastic and making it reusable.

Do you know that the plastic bottle in which you drink water, after some time you can get to wear the cloth made from the same plastic bottle? Yes friends, clothes are also made from plastic in our country. Many such startups have opened in the country which recycle plastic and manufacture cloth or thread from it. These fabrics and threads made by recycling plastic are many times stronger and more durable than ordinary clothes made from cotton.

This 17-year-old boy from Rajasthan named Aditya Banger has also started his startup by learning how to make clothes from plastic waste at such a young age. Through this startup named Trash to Treasure, Aditya manufactures yarn by recycling 10 tons of plastic daily, and then mixing cotton in this thread to make cloth. Aditya’s startup has been discussed all over the country, and he has also been praised for making better use of plastic waste.

Apart from making petrol, roads and clothes from plastic waste, almost all types of plastic products are manufactured by recycling it.
As we have already told you that 14 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced annually in the country, while only 4 million tonnes of waste can be recycled, then why waste from abroad except 10 million tonnes of the country’s waste. being bought?

Well…it is because of the poor system of waste management in India! Waste is not managed properly in India, due to which most of the Recyclable Plastic Waste does not reach the companies.
Almost all the companies of the country making different products by recycling plastic waste have been struggling with the shortage of plastic waste, due to which Indian companies have to buy plastic waste from abroad.

Let us tell you that in 2019, the Government of India had banned the purchase of plastic waste from abroad. This ban was imposed so that Indian companies can manufacture different products by recycling the waste generated in India, which will reduce the waste from the country and also benefit the country!
The government had taken this decision only for the benefit of the country, but this decision taken without preparation and proper planning started proving to be a loss deal instead of profit. Since most of the plastic waste generated in the country does not reach the recycle factory, due to this these factories started getting damaged, even many factories started closing.
Let us tell you that India is one of the leading countries in the world in plastic recycling. Due to the lack of plastic, Indian companies were not able to recycle plastic to their full potential, after which finally in April 2022, the Government of India withdrew the ban imposed on plastic purchases from abroad, although this ban was withdrawn with many conditions. Is.

The first condition in this is that any company can buy 50% of its total recycle capacity from abroad, while the remaining 50% plastic will have to be bought from India itself.
The second condition is that Indian companies can buy only Polyethylene Terephthalate ie PET plastic from abroad.
All the plastic bottles are made from PET only. The biggest feature of PET is that it can be recycled 100%. By recycling it, almost all plastic products including plastic bottles, cans, carpets, clothes can be made from it.

Indian companies are saving the world from the big problem of plastic by purchasing plastic waste from all over the world and making it recyclable for reuse, but this effort of Indian companies is not enough in the level at which plastic waste is produced in the world. Is.
Recycle is the only way to dispose of plastic waste. If plastic waste is not recycled on a large scale and the use of plastic continues, then by 2050 821 million metric tons of plastic waste will accumulate in rivers and seas.
According to a report, 90% of the animals around the world are consuming plastic in some form or the other with their food, and about 8 million tonnes of plastic waste is being dumped into the sea every year.
If the situation remains like this, the life of marine animals may be in danger in future, but we hope that the plastic problem is solved before such a situation occurs!

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