Most Expensive Goat In World

Friends, many festivals of different religions are celebrated with full enthusiasm all over the country. One of those festivals is Bakrid, also known as Eid-ul-Azha. It is one of the important festivals for the followers of Islam. The day of Bakrid is remembered as the day of sacrifice. According to the beliefs of Islam, every person sacrifices his closest person on this day. Usually people sacrifice goat on this day. Due to which the price of goats starts touching the sky as soon as Bakrid arrives. People buy different types of goats in this festival. For which bids are also made in the market. You will be surprised to know that sometimes the price of these goats reaches to crores. Yes, friends, today we are going to tell you about some such goat, at whose price you can buy a luxury car.

  1. Totapari goat – 1 lakh 35 thousand rupees

Friends, last year this goat of Totapuri breed was sold at a very high price for sacrifice on Eid al-Adha in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. The owner of the goat claims that it is the most expensive goat in the district. Let us tell you, during the bidding, the price of this goat of Totapari breed had reached one lakh 35 thousand rupees and the highest bidder was from Ghaziabad. The price of Totapari breed goat weighing 140 kg is also high because goats of this breed are rarely seen in the district. Friends, as you can see this goat of Totapari breed looks very spectacular, due to which people come from far and wide to see the goat.

  1. Jatiyadi goat – Rs 2.50 lakh

Friends, this goat of Jatiyadi breed, the best breed of goat, has been sold by its owner for Rs 2.50 lakh in the year 2019. The stature of this goat and its muscular body attracts people towards it. Friends, it is said that the dose of goat of this breed is much more than other goats. Friends, you will be surprised to know that the magnificence of this goat is many times more than that of common people. This goat of Jatiyadi breed drinks two kilos of milk in a day. Apart from this, this goat also eats two kilograms of wheat, two kilograms of gram, two kilograms of apples.

  1. Pair Goat – Rs 4.5 lakh

Friends, meet these pair of goats from Lucknow, bought by a man for Rs 4.5 lakhs for sacrifice on Eid-ul-Adha last year. One of these goats weighs 170 kg and the other 150 kg. Well friends, the price of these goats is not like this in lakhs of rupees, but its owner has spent a lot on their food. Let us tell you, these goats eat dry fruits like cashews, pistachios, almonds etc. worth 600 rupees daily. Apart from dry fruits, they are also given juice, so that they can get complete nutrition. To keep them clean, their owner bathes them with shampoo daily and their medical checkups are also done from time to time.

  1. Badshah Goat – Rs 5 crore

Friends, now the goat we are going to introduce to you has been included in the list of the most expensive goat in the world. For your information, let us tell you that the price of this goat named Badshah is not in thousand or lakh but in crores. Such a price of this goat is due to its specialties. Actually, there are some special marks on the body of this goat named Badshah since birth which make it Khash. Let us tell you, where Makhah is written under the king’s particle, then Mohammed is written near its neck, while on the other side, Allah is written on its neck. Due to these special features, this goat named Badshah is very famous among Muslims and seeing its popularity, its owner had sold it for 5 crore rupees by charging a high price.

  1. Amazing Goat – Rs 11 lakh

Friends, people living in Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh call this goat as the charisma of nature. You can guess the popularity of this goat from the fact that people come here from far and wide to see this amazing goat. People reach Amroha from Delhi to buy it. Not only this, people are ready to give the owner of the goat even the asking price for it. Now many of you must be thinking that what is so wonderful about this goat, then let me tell you, due to the natural handwriting on the body of the goat, it has become so special. Actually, ‘Om’ is written on one side of this goat’s body and ‘Allah’ is written on the other side. Due to which this wonderful goat remains a shadow on social media as well. The goat’s owner, Tarachand, has kept its price at Rs 11 lakh, considering the specialty of the goat. Tarachand has put his number on social media with the picture and price of the goat.

  1. Taimur Goat – Rs 11 lakh

Friends, this goat named Taimur, who lives in Surat, Gujarat, looks no less than a Nawab. Last year on Eid-ul-Azha, this goat was sold by its owner for Rs 11 lakh. The weight of this goat of Punjabi breed is 192 kg, while its height is 46 inches. Taimur, two and a half years old, looks very strong, athletic and fabulous to see. By the way, friends, it is not so strong, this goat is fed by its owner with cashew nuts, Ayurvedic herbs, fodder, marmalade as well as four liters of milk daily in the diet. Not only this, this goat is also massaged for an hour every day. Along with this, once a week is also taken for a walk.

  1. Marrakesh Goat – Rs 15 lakh

This goat named Marrakesh sold in Australia is the most expensive goat ever sold there. This goat has been sold by its owner for Rs 15 lakh. The reason behind its high price is its popularity. As you can see Marrakesh looks exactly like a deer and its movement is also very good. This goat named Marrakesh has been brought up so well that the onlookers are fascinated by it. Well let us tell you, Marrakesh is not very big in size but it has developed quite well. Because of which it can produce children of much better quality and in view of this quality, its owner has bought it.

  1. Sultan Bakra – Rs 20 lakh

Friends, due to its bright black color and high stature, this goat named Sultan of Sangli district is discussed all over Maharashtra. Sultan weighs 60 to 70 kg. Friends, this goat has not got this heavy weight just like this, its owner is the hard work put on it. The owner of this goat gives dry fruits along with milk butter and desi ghee daily to eat it. Friends, due to the height of Sultan, it is in great demand in the market. By the way, let us tell you, there is a reason behind so much demand of the Sultan that there is a mark of the moon on the forehead of the Sultan. Sultan has been bid for Rs 20 to 25 lakh so far. But its owner has not sold it yet because they say that Sultan is priceless.

  1. Goat more expensive than a luxury car – Rs 64 lakh

Friends, meet this goat, which is as great as it looks, its price is equally great. So great that you can buy a luxury car for its price. Friends, usually the goats which have more weight or have religious symbols on them, their price is not put in thousands but in lakhs and something similar with this goat. In the year 2015, when its owner brought it to sell in Old Delhi’s pigeon market, he priced it at Rs 64 lakh. When its owner was asked about its specialty, he told that the mark of Allah and 786 is made on the body of this goat, due to which he has kept its price so high.

  1. Tiger Goat – Rs 1 crore

Friends, this goat named Tiger living in Buldhana district of Maharashtra is said to be the most expensive goat in the world. You will also be surprised to know its price. The price of this goat has been kept by its owner at Rs 1 crore. While people are ready to pay 51 lakh rupees for this goat till now, but you will be surprised to know that its owner is not ready to sell it at this price. The reason behind the high price of Tiger is its popularity. Yes, if Tiger is also called the world’s most famous goat then there is no doubt about it. Many of you must be wondering why the price of this simple looking goat is so high. So tell us, the reason for this is this special mark found on the body of this goat since birth. Actually, Allah has been written on the body of this goat named Tiger since birth, due to which its religious importance increases among Muslims and this is the reason why Tiger’s praise speaks loudly among people.

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