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Most Expensive Bulls

Friends, you must have heard the cost of vehicles worth lakhs and crores, but have you ever thought that the cost of a bull can also be in crores. Yes, in fact, agricultural fairs are held from time to time in almost every state of the country and in these fairs people take their cattle where they are bid. You will be surprised to know that sometimes this quote reaches in thousands, not millions but crores. So friends, today we are going to tell you about some such bulls, whose price you will be surprised to know.

  1. Barnford Bull – Rs 3.5 lakh

Friends, perhaps you must have guessed from the name of this bull, this bull is not from our India. Let me tell you, this bull is the largest bull in Britain. The height of the massive Barnford is seven feet. If we talk about its weight, then the weight of Barnford is equal to the weight of an adult hippopotamus. Barnford weighs two tons which is twice as much as a common bull. In the year 2011, its owner had priced it around 3.5 lakhs in Indian Rupees, which is quite normal considering Barnford. You will be surprised to know that its owner does not spend anything special in eating it and he himself has told this thing to the people. They feed Barnford only green grass which they can find comfortably in the fields.

  1. Inder Bull – Rs 7 lakh

Friends, just by looking at this vine, you can understand that it is not a common bull. You must have heard the name of Khali Bull of Punjab, Inder is his son. Inder is not only beautiful in appearance due to its pure black color and shining shining skin, as well as its heavy weight and its high stature also make it different from other bulls. Inder’s height is about 5 feet 6 inches. This is an absolutely calm and peaceful bull. Being a part of Khali Bull, Inder’s Semen is also in great demand in the market. If we talk about the price of Inder, then people are ready to pay even 7 lakh rupees for it.

  1. Yoddha Bull – Rs 16.51 lakh

Friends, this bull of Haryana is not a common bull roaming on the roads. The price of this bull is in lakhs. This bull named Yodha has been sold by its owner last year for Rs 16.51 lakh. This is the most expensive bull ever sold in Haryana. This bull named Yodha takes part in the race. It has won many race competition till now. Yoddha has run 394.24 meters in 25.10 seconds. Behind this kind of agile of the warrior, his master also has a big hand, its owner gives him a special dose. He gives 6 liters of milk, 200 grams of ghee, 5 kilograms of grain to the warrior every day.

  1. Dabang Bull – Rs 20 lakh

Friends, this bull named Dabang is also famous among the people as champion. It hasn’t lost a single competition so far. Even good players do not dare to stand in front of the Dabang of Maharashtra. Dabang’s massive massive body makes it different from others and this is the reason why people are ready to pay even 20 lakh rupees for it. But its owners do not want to sell it because they consider Dabang to be a member of their household. Its owner says that Dabang has participated in more than 150 races till now and has come first in all, due to which the price of Dabang increases further.

  1. Haranya and Sonya Bull – Rs 45 lakh

Friends, the pair of these bulls named Haranya and Sonya of Kolhapur are top class. This bull came into the limelight when he participated in the bullock race organized in Sangli district of Maharashtra. About 45 bullock carts took part in this race, in which the pair of Haranya and Sonya got the first position. Their owners Sandeep and Sachin Patil were also given one lakh rupees as the first prize. By the way, let us tell you that the prize of winning in the competition may have been one lakh rupees, but people are ready to give up to 45 lakh rupees for the pair of these two. The cost of the bull Haranya is Rs 35 lakh and that of Sonya is Rs 10 lakh.

  1. Krishna Bull – Rs 1 crore

Friends, this bull named Krishna remained the center of attraction in the agricultural fair in Bangalore last year. Krishna of 3.5 years old Halikar breed has been priced at Rs 1 crore. Now the thing to think about here is that what is so special about this bull that it is worth crores? So friends, let us tell you, there is a lot of demand for Semen of Bullock of Hallikar breed and as we have just told you, Krishna is of Hallikar breed and at the same time Krishna is very attractive to see. His height is 6.2 feet and height is 8 feet. If we talk about the weight of Krishna, its weight is 800 kg. Krishna’s owner says that the cost of one dose of Krishna’s sperm is Rs 1,000 and Semen is taken every week from it. This is the reason why the demand for Krishna keeps increasing.

  1. Jhota Karna Bull – Rs 1.5 crore

Friends, the price of this bull of Murrah breed is not in thousands, millions but in crores. Yes, up to Rs 1.5 crore has been bid for Jhota Karna. But its owner says that they will not sell it at any cost as it is like their child. Jhota Karna’s heavy weight and high stature attract people towards him. But seeing Jhota Karna coming towards him, a good number of bodybuilders stop in their place. You will be surprised to know about the dosage of this bull for a day. Its owner gives it to eat 5 kg cottonseed, 5 kg milk as well as half kg ghee every day. Friends, if we look at this, then the daily expenditure on the maintenance of this bull sits up to Rs 1000-1200. Being of Murrah breed, Semen of this bull is also in great demand in the country. Due to being of an advanced breed, the development of improved species is possible with the use of Semen of such animals.

  1. K-2 Bull – Rs 1.5 crore

Friends, seeing this huge and heavy-bodied bull, people often stay in their place. This bull named K-2 was counted among the most expensive bulls in Pakistan and this is the reason that its price is in crores. Its beauty is liked by people in such a way that people also call it as ‘King of Karachi’ and KING KONG. barley breed

The weight of this bull is more than 1800 kg. Behind this great weight, its owner also has a lot of hard work. Its owner spends more than 5 thousand rupees daily on its food. He gives it milk, desi ghee, marmalade, mustard oil, fresh rotis, fruits in its food. If we talk about the price of K-2, then it was sold in Karachi for Rs 1.5 crore.

  1. Yuvraj Bull – Rs 7 crore

Friends, you will also be surprised to know the price of this bull named Yuvraj. Yuvraj weighing 1400 kg has been priced at Rs 7 crore. Yuvraj’s bright black complexion, massive body and his high height attract people towards him. This bull living in Meerut is of Murrah species. Yuvraj came into limelight in 2014 when he won the “All India Cattle Show of Meerut”. After which a Chandigarh farmer had offered Rs 7 crore to buy Yuvraj, but Yuvraj’s owner Karamveer Singh refused to sell Yuvraj saying that he had raised Yuvraj as his own child and only He can’t sell it for money. Karamveer tells about Yuvraj’s diet that in the morning Yuvraj is given milk mixed with almonds in breakfast. Apart from this, he is fed his favorite fruits. Ghee is also given to him according to the need. Yuvraj does not like to sit on the ground. A mattress is laid on the ground for him.

  1. Bhim Bull – Rs 24 crore

Friends, this bull of Murrah breed has always attracted the attention of people due to its size. Its weight is 1500 kg. For your information, let us tell you that due to its heavy weight, it has got its name Bhima. 14 feet tall and 6 feet high, Bhima’s that-bath is no less than a noble. 2 lakh rupees are spent every month in its maintenance. Bhima’s dose is also as big as its size. This bull swallows one kg of ghee and 25 liters of milk daily and also eats one kg of cashew-almonds daily. A bid of Rs 24 crore has been made so far to buy Bhima, which is a really big amount but probably nothing in front of Bhima.

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