Dangerous Snake Farming in China

Friends, seeing the adulteration of food and drink, the common man feels himself completely cheated. But what should a person do when the food items in your market are completely fake and you cannot doubt even a second after seeing them. Now look at this rice that is visible on the screen, it looks absolutely real, but China has also made it fake. Seeing their taste, color and size, you will not be able to say that these rice are made of plastic. If you heat it, then you will know that this rice is completely made of plastic and if you eat it then no one knows what will happen to you after that. Friends, now you watch this video, China has now started making fake eggs. These eggs are made from the use of alginic acid, potassium alum, gelatin, calcium chloride, and artificial colors which can adversely affect the body. Friends, perhaps you must have understood that in China, not only electronic goods but also food items are made fake and sold indiscriminately. Friends, not only this, China has now gone a step further than this. Now snakes are also being cultivated in China. Yes you heard it absolutely right. Let us know where and how these snakes are cultivated in China!

Friends, snake is such a dangerous creature whose only one drop of venom is enough to put a person to sleep. Actually, poisonous snakes around the world use such a toxic ie venom that makes any creature sleep in a few seconds of death. According to the World Health Organization, snakes bite 5.4 million people worldwide every year. Out of which 81 thousand to 1.38 lakh people die every year. After the bite of these poisonous snakes, people do not even have enough time to ask for water or even air. Due to pain, burning, confusion and the effect of poison, he dies in agony.

But you will be surprised to know that there is also a village in China where people cultivate these dangerous poisonous snakes. The population of lakhs of this village is dependent only on snake farming. If the figure of snakes growing there is seen, then every person there is handling about 30,000 snakes. Friends, the name of this unique village is Jisiqiao. Millions of snakes are kept in this village of China. Of these, there are more than 3 million poisonous snakes. Snakes cultivated here include many deadly snakes including giant cobras, pythons, and venomous vipers. Keeping these snakes is not only the purpose of the people here, breeding of snakes of different species is also done here. It is known as snake farming all over the world. The people of this village of China earned so much money from snake farming than you can imagine.
The people here have become so used to keeping snakes, that they are no longer afraid of snakes at all. But even if the people here are afraid, then there is only one type of snake whose name is Five Step Snake.
Now this question must be arising in the mind of many of you that how did this snake get its name as Five Step? So let us tell you, it is believed that after the bite of this snake, no person can walk more than five steps. He dies. That’s why this snake has been named Five Step Snake.

Friends, this was the talk of Jisiqiao village. Let us now know how the people of Jiziqiao have started snake farming. What is the full story behind this.

About 40 years ago, snake farming was started in Jiqiao village by Yang Hongchang, a farmer from the village itself. Hongchang himself has told that when he was young, he fell seriously ill. He needed a snake for treatment, for which he caught a wild snake. After improving his health, he was given a snake

The idea of ​​​​connected business came and then he started the snake farm. His aim was to take the venom of snakes to the pharmaceutical company and he wanted to sell the meat of snakes to people who are fond of eating snakes. His business started with these two objectives soon developed and within few days he became the owner of crores. When the people of the village saw Hongchang earning crores, the entire village started cultivating snakes and in the desire to become rich as soon as possible, more than 3 million snakes are reared there every year.

Friends, let us tell you for your information, earlier tea, jute and cotton were cultivated in ‘Jisqiao’ village, but today it is known not only in China but all over the world due to snake farming. Friends, there are about one hundred snake farms in this small village, where you can see these snakes very well in small wooden and glass boxes. From here plastic bags are used to carry snakes from one place to another. 90% of all snakes needed in China are brought from this village and snakes are sent from here not only in China but also in America, Germany and South Korea.

After the snakes grow up, they are taken from the farm house to the slaughterhouse. Where first the venom of snakes is taken out and then their heads are cut off. After this, the snake is cut and its meat is extracted. In China, it is believed that soup made from snake meat is very beneficial for the immune system. Their tails are used for food. While on the other hand many snakes are left to dry after cutting their heads. These snakes are used in the pharmaceutical industry. Actually the venom found in snakes is very useful for humans. Their venom is used to prepare medicines for the treatment of major diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Many types of snakes are also used in making medicines for sex power. Friends, there are as many species of snakes in the world as there are types of its venom. Now there is so much variety of snake venom, so obviously, their benefits will also be of many types. Such medicines are made from snake venom, which are also useful in fighting heart diseases. Even today, medicines made from snake venom are being used a lot to fight high blood pressure. Medicines made from snake venom are very effective even in case of heart attack and heart failure. In view of the usefulness of snake venom, today it is in great demand in the country and abroad. In view of the high demand, the cost of 1 liter of poison found in snakes is not in lakhs but in crores. Along with this, there is also a large-scale smuggling of snake venom.

Friends, considering the usefulness of snakes, its cultivation is also right in a way, but what about those fake food items that China is making indiscriminately and bringing it to the market. Friends, now look at this nut only. By looking at it, it will not be known at all that the cement is filled inside them. In China, cement is wrapped inside the nut with some paper or cloth, so that it does not make a sound when it is shaken. Apart from this, they are also heavier than real walnuts, due to which shopkeepers earn a lot of money. Friends, now you see this cabbage. It must be looking real, but China has also made it fake, on heating it it is found that it is made of plastic. Friends, China has not even given up spices. You look at this black pepper, seeing this black pepper, no one can say that it is prepared from clay, after eating which you can become a victim of all kinds of gastric infection. Friend, you can understand how China is cheating people.

Friends, today adulteration in food items has become a common practice. But what would you say about killing animals indiscriminately for your test? China is a country where snakes to bears, camels, donkeys, dogs, cats and bats are eaten with great fervor.

You must remember the Wuhan Seafood Market in China. The deadly virus which was spread from China all over the world has originated in the climate of this market. Friends, this super market is considered to be the biggest supermarket in China. Where fresh meat from wild animals to sea animals is available in minutes. The specialty of this market is that meat of more than 112 animals is available here. From bears to deer… how many animals are hanging on alive cages in this market. As soon as the orders arrive, they are cut by machines or by hand in the blink of an eye in front of the customer. In this market of China, you will find meat of any animal around the world. This market is such that anyone would be surprised to see it. If we Indians see this market with our own eyes, then maybe we will get sleepless nights. By the way, friends, what do you think that the government should ban such a market or not, definitely tell us in the comment.

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