Colonel Gaddafi ki story

Friends, there has been more than one dreaded and cruel dictator in the world. In which you must have heard the names of dictators like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong, but today we are going to tell you about a dictator who was present 10 years ago. This dictator was known for his ruthlessness, debauchery and eccentricity. Black glasses on the eyes, colorful clothes, round cap on the head, female bodyguards around and blatant provocative speech spewing fire were its hallmarks. Girls used to be his weakness and raping was his hobby. Friends, we are talking about the Libyan dictator Muammar Al-Gaddafi, whose full name was Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi. People also know it as Colonel Gaddafi.

Friends, the year was 1967. When war broke out between Israel and Arab countries. The Arab countries were defeated in this war and the biggest impact of this defeat was on Libya. At that time, Libya was ruled by King Idris. After the defeat of the Arab countries, people started to feel that Idris was also responsible for this defeat somewhere. There was a feeling of dissatisfaction with their king in the minds of the people.

During that time, Muammar Gaddafi was serving in the Libyan army as a captain. When Muammar Gaddafi saw the anger sitting in the minds of the people for his king, he understood that this is the time when he can establish his rule in Libya and he started planning to remove the king, and He waited for the occasion.

And then came the day Gaddafi had been waiting for. It was the year 1969 when King Idris had gone to Turkey on a foreign tour. In the absence of the king, Gaddafi took all the high officials of Libya on his side. And as soon as King Idris returned from his tour, Gaddafi put a condition in front of him that he should himself dethroned and take refuge in another country, and Gaddafi also threatened that if he does not do so So he should get ready to see the spectacle of his death.

Hearing such threatening words from Gaddafi’s mouth, Idris was frightened and he left Libya and took refuge in another country. On September 1, 1969, 7 days after Idris’s departure, Gaddafi announced via radio in Libya that Idris had been removed from power and that Gaddafi would now be the new ruler of Libya. Along with Gaddafi, while addressing the public, it was also said that from today there is a fall of monarchical rule in Libya and from today people will rule here. Hearing this news, there was a wave of happiness among the people there. They felt that something new and better was about to happen. By the way, for some time after sitting on the throne, Gaddafi did everything right. Gaddafi made an important contribution in improving the economic situation of Libya. In fact, when the Libyan king was Idrish, foreign companies used to have rights over the oil reserves present there and those companies used to use oil according to their mind. Due to which the economic situation of Libya had become very turbulent. When Gaddafi saw all this, he put some conditions in front of the oil companies and said that if they want to work in Libya, then these conditions have to be accepted. There was no other way before the companies, due to which they accepted Gaddafi’s condition and then immediately the economic situation of Libya improved.

With the improvement of Libya’s economic condition, the appearance of this country was also changing, the life of the common people was getting better, people were getting jobs, and foreigners also started coming here to work.

The people there were very happy with the progress being made in Libya. People started to feel that in Gaddafi they had found such a ruler who only thinks about the betterment of his country and the people of the country.

It went on like this for a few years. Gaddafi was becoming a hero in the eyes of the people, but with the passage of time, Gaddafi started showing his position! The people whom the people considered as their savior became an autocratic rule. He started abusing innocent people.
The reason for the oppression was such that raping school girls became his hobby. He used to put his hand on the head of any girl he went to school. Her guards would pick up the girl, and the girl would reach Gaddafi’s harem. Gaddafi was intoxicated with sex all the time. He used to get mad seeing the girls. Gaddafi was so obsessed with sex that all the security guards around him were beautiful beauties. For your information, let us tell you that 40 lady commandos were stationed at all times for the security of Gaddafi.

This girl was completely virgin. Gaddafi first used to test his virginity and then got him trained to use weapons. These beauties of Gaddafi were called killing machines at that time.

These 40 lady commandos were completely fresh. She was prepared to be in such a way that even Gaddafi’s opponents were convinced to see her. But these beauties were as beautiful as they were. She was more merciless than that, who only at the behest of Colonel Gaddafi used to make the enemies eat all four. And this was the reason why Colonel Gaddafi used to deploy these beauties in his internal security.

Friends, you can guess what kind of crazy Gaddafi was about the woman, from the fact that he wanted to be friends with every powerful woman in the world. An anecdote of her during Gaddafi’s time became very viral when she sent a message to US Foreign Minister Madeleine Albright that she loves him and if she loves him too, the next time she comes on TV, wear green clothes. Come wear it

Friends, we did not know whether Albright came wearing green clothes or not, but one thing became clear that Gaddafi was very colorful. He used to fall in love with every powerful woman. By the way, let us tell you that Gaddafi was also very interested in Indian women. He used to often invite Bollywood actresses to his house, spend time with them and give them many expensive gifts in return. Gaddafi’s relationship with Bollywood actress Lara Dutta also came in the limelight at that time. In fact, when Lara Dutta became Miss Universe in the year 2000, Gaddafi was convinced to see Lara. Gaddafi sent an invitation to Lara Dutta to visit his country. Gaddafi and Lara’s relationship came into the limelight when some pictures of Lara and Gaddafi were leaked to the media. Lara appeared in the circle of media questions as soon as the pictures were leaked, but still Gaddafi and Lara’s relationship remained.

By the way, friends, let me tell you, Gaddafi was not only an idiot, but he was also a very autocratic person. His autocracy was increasing day by day. Due to which the feeling of anger towards him was increasing in the mind of the public.

In view of Gaddafi’s autocracy and tyranny, some students in a Libyan university sooted Gaddafi’s posters. When Gaddafi came to know about this, he hanged those students at the university gate itself.

Similarly, when about 1200 prisoners in a Libyan prison opposed Gaddafi, Gaddafi shot them standing in a row.

Gaddafi now openly started supporting terrorists. Due to which the anger of the people of Libya was increasing day by day about Gaddafi and this anger erupted when they were asked by other countries and security organizations of the world to cooperate against Gaddafi and then the story of dictator Gaddafi’s ruin started.

The year 2011 was the month of February when the insurgency against Gaddafi in Libya took a major form. Gaddafi’s army was rapidly repressed by the rebels. Seeing the smoldering fire of oppression in Libya, the Security Council sent NATO forces to Libya, whose purpose was to protect the Libyan people and get them out of Gaddafi’s clutches.

In 2011, it was October 20 when NATO forces saw a convoy of vehicles passing through a city in Libya. The army looked at the convoy of vehicles or guessed that Gaddafi was on the run. After which the army started bombing the vehicles. Half the vehicles got blown up on the way and all that were left ran away. Gaddafi was also hiding in one of the fleeing vehicles.

While the rebels were behind Gaddafi on one side, NATO forces on the other. When Gaddafi got tired of running, he went and hid in a pipe in one place. But Gaddafi was seen by a rebel hiding, after which he killed Gaddafi by taking him out of the pipe. They shot at Gaddafi’s feet so that he could not run away and then they shot Gaddafi in the head as well. The people who had placed Gaddafi on his head at one time, in the end, Colonel Gaddafi died while being crushed under the feet of the same people.

Celebrations were held in Libya after Gaddafi’s death. The dictatorship and tyranny of the dictators that had been going on in Libya for 42 years had now ended. However, the situation in Libya has gone from bad to worse after the death of Gaddafi. The country has been in civil war for a long time, and normal life has come to a standstill there.

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