8 such things that Ravana had told about women,which are true even today

Ravana had told about women

It is said that no matter how knowledgeable a person is, even if he does one thing against his knowledge, then the world considers him a symbol of evil forever, and who can be a better example of this than Lankapati Ravana. ! Ravana, the king of Lanka, was more knowledgeable than many other deities in the matter of knowledge. It is said that Ravana was the biggest devotee of Mahadev. Despite being the greatest of the wise and the biggest devotee of Mahadev, Ravana committed such a great sin by kidnapping Sita that this one mistake was overshadowed by all his achievements, and he became the biggest sinner from the greatest learned. The whole world knows about what Ravana did, and the consequences he had to face, but do you know that Ravana had told 8 such things about women before his death, which are absolutely true in this world even today. turns out to be true,

Lankapati Ravana was a Brahmin Pandit who had a vast store of knowledge. Ravana is also called Dashanan i.e. the one with 10 heads. It is popular that Ravana had 10 heads, although some people believe about Ravana’s 10 heads that Ravana used to wear a garland with 9 beads around his neck, in this elusive garland his heads were visible, so that Others would get the illusion of having 10 heads.
At the same time, some people believe about the 10 heads of Ravana that Ravana was a very wise scholar, he had 6 darshans and 4 Vedas memorized, due to which he was also called Daskanthi. Later people considered Daskanthi as 10 heads, and it became popular that Ravana had ten heads.

There is no doubt that Ravana is a symbol of evil, but in spite of all this he also had some good things like;
Ravana was a scholar of the Vedas, and was also a poet. He also had knowledge of science and ayurveda.
Ravana was a great devotee of Mahadev.
Ravana was also a Veena player.
Apart from being a good king, Ravana was a powerful and skilled warrior as well as a clever politician.

Ravana had committed the biggest sin by abducting Sita, which became the reason for his end, but apart from this, there were many other evils in him.
So let’s also know about the evils of Ravana!
Ravana was the king of Lanka, but he did not get this kingdom, but he forcibly snatched this kingdom from Kubera. Lanka was founded by Vishwakarma.
Ravana’s biggest weakness was beautiful women. He was immediately fascinated by the beautiful women he saw, and tried to make her his own.
Ultimately, this bad habit of Ravana became the reason for his downfall.

When Ravana reached Lanka after kidnapping Sita, then Ravana’s wife Mandodari had warned her husband of the consequences of his act. Mandodari had told her husband that she should let Sita go from here or else the entire Lankan kingdom would have to suffer the worst of it, but Ravana, who was intoxicated with his power, did not listen to his wife!

By kidnapping Sita, Ravana did such an audacity that in the end Ravana was killed at the hands of Rama, and Mandodari’s words proved to be true.

When Ravana had reached the verge of death, then he told some such things about women, which are discussed even today, then all those things prove to be true!
So let’s know one by one all the things that Ravana told about women!

  1. greedy nature

The very first thing that Ravana told about women was that women are naturally greedy. Even if women get all the happiness in the world, she is tempted to get more, and she is never satisfied. Along with this, Ravana also told that women are greedy as well as mean. She can stoop to any extent, and can use any human being, to make sense of herself. Women not only entrap others because of their greed, but also sometimes they themselves get into trouble due to their greedy nature.
Where the meaning of women is being fulfilled, and even if someone close to the woman comes in that way, women can cheat that person to fulfill that meaning.
Friends, this statement of Ravana proves to be true on many women even today, although not all women are like this, but such women are seen around them.

  1. to be deceived

Ravana used to say that women are very easily misled by any human being. Women can be easily wooed by sweet sweet and alluring things. Due to the ease of being misled by people, women easily get into trouble, and sometimes they also get caught in the tricks of others. Women are not only seduced by men but also by other women. Apart from being deceived themselves, some current women also know how to make sense of themselves by seducing others.
Many times women even destroy their own settled house by being deceived and trusting others. Even if a woman is told something against her husband, she easily believes him.

  1. Don’t keep secrets a secret

Friends, you will also agree with this thing said by Ravana, and even scientists agree that women cannot keep any secret for a long time. While dying, Ravana had also told this thing that women very quickly reveal the secrets. Even if women do not come to know about the secret of a person close to them, they do not leave that secret, and as soon as they get a chance, they pass these things to others. If women come to know about any of your secrets, then they can destroy you at any time, so Ravana said that women should never tell anything about the secret.
Friends, how much do you agree with this point of Ravana, definitely tell in the comment!

  1. Go back on what you said

Friends, Ravana had also told about women that women can turn away from their words at any time according to the situation. Women can say something else in front of you, while in front of someone else she can completely reverse the same thing. Ravana said that women never speak the truth. Women understand the situation before speaking anything, and then according to the situation, she decides what to say and what not! These women, who turn away from their words, also do a lot of slander of things, and also work to make people fight among themselves. Therefore, women should be trusted with a lot of thought.

  1. Lie on talk

Ravana had also said about women that women lie too much, even women can only lie about the whole thing. Women can also implicate someone by lying, and then lie to protect themselves. The bundle of lies of women is so big and deep that the truth rarely comes out of it, so one should not make the mistake of believing the words of women easily, otherwise it may have to bear the bad consequences.

  1. Frequent Change of Mind

It is said that understanding the mind of a woman is the most difficult task in this world, and Ravana had also understood this. According to Ravana, the woman’s mind is always disturbed. A woman cannot be satisfied with any one thing. Their mind changes frequently, and it becomes very difficult for others to understand what is on their mind. A woman who is happy in one moment becomes sad the next moment, and then it becomes difficult for you to understand the reason for her being sad. This trend is still very much seen among women today. Right said friends?

  1. Having Too Much Courage

According to Ravana, women have a lot of courage, but sometimes this courage of women becomes the cause of trouble for them and their family members. Many times it happens that women display their courage in a place where they should not have done so, as a result women have to face the bad consequences, and not only them, but their families also have to face the consequences. Does matter. In fact, many times a woman uses her courage in the form of audacity, and in view of this, Ravana had described the woman’s courage as a demerit of women.

  1. Being more merciless

Friends, it is generally believed that women are more kind than men, and we get to see this many times, but Ravana had a different view on this matter. According to Ravana, women are of a ruthless nature. This idea of ​​Ravana about women proves to be true in a situation when a woman for some reason, leaving the lap of mercy, adopts a merciless nature. Ravana said that once a woman becomes cruel, she never shows mercy to any other person. This is what makes women more cruel than men.

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