7 people whose social media changed their lives overnight in 2022

Friends, in today’s era, social media has become such a medium which not only entertains people but also takes life to a different heights. In the past, you have seen many people becoming famous on social media. Be it the childhood love Sahadeva, Priya Prakash Varrier or Baba’s Dhaba. Friends, today thanks to social media, there are many people who have become stars overnight.

  1. bihar boy sonu

Friends, these days the video of Bihar boy Sonu is also going viral very fast. Due to which these days their discussion is in the whole country. This is the student who is demanding the right to education. This 11-year-old boy is covered from newspaper to social media. Everyone is saluting its courage and courage. Because this fountain is working as a mirror to the government and the government machinery. The Nalanda of Bihar, which had once scattered the light of education in the country and the world, from which Nalanda comes as Bihar’s CM Nitish Kumar, is asking the same 11-year-old question of Nalanda. For education, for admission, rate is wandering. Let us once see the viral video of Sonu, how Sonu is pleading for his studies with folded hands in front of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Sonu is being discussed not only in Bihar, but now in the whole country. After this video of Sonu surfaced, Bollywood actors are ready to take up the responsibility of the studies of actress Sonu, which he himself tweeted. At the same time, leaders of many other parties have also come forward to help Sonu.

  1. Pradeep Mehra – Running Boy

Friends, recently a video of Pradeep Mehra became quite viral on social media. Actually it happened that Pradeep Mehra works in MacDonald Outlet of Noida. He was on his way home running late at night after completing his shift. Then film director Vinod Kapri shot this video of Pradeep, in which Pradeep told that he is preparing for recruitment in the army. When Vinod told Pradeep that let me drop you home now, start running tomorrow morning, Pradeep refused and said that I do not get time in the morning. Pradeep said that he is fond of going to the army since childhood. Let us show you the viral video of Pradeep__
Friends, as soon as this video of Pradeep went viral, many big celebrities of India shared the post on their Instagram, paying respect to him. After which Pradeep became famous overnight.

  1. Bhuban Badaikar – Kacha Badam Wale

Friends, you must have heard Kacha Badam Song and many of you must also know Bhuban Badaikar who sang this song. Those who do not know, let them know, Bhuban originally hails from Kuraljugri village in Birbhum district of West Bengal. Bhuban used to roam from village to village selling peanuts i.e. raw almonds in the language of Bengal, and also used to sing the song Kacha Badam. Let us tell you, Bhuban used to earn 200 to 500 rupees by selling three to four kg of groundnut daily. One day Bhuvan went to his neighboring village and was selling almonds while singing the song Kacha Badam. Then someone captured this style of his in his mobile and then uploaded it on social media. After which this video became quite viral, every person in India started dancing on this song of his. Since then, Bhuban became famous overnight. Many celebrities and YouTubers also visited Bhuban at his house. After this Bhuvan also got a chance to work in many videos.

  1. Deependra Singh – Hey little girl, what are you

Friends, for the past few days, “Hey little girl, what are you?” The dialogue is becoming quite popular. By the way, if you are active on social media, then perhaps you must have seen many memes of this dialogue of Tiger Shroff of Heropanti. By the way, let us tell you, the mimicry artist Deependra Singh is the one who made this line a meme and super funny. Come, first you see his viral video___Deependra is from Nainpur, a small town in Madhya Pradesh. He had a dream since childhood that he would later become a mimicry artist. And to fulfill his dream, Deependra came to Mumbai after the completion of his studies. Upon coming to Mumbai, Deependra tried a lot to get work in the film but he could not get the work. After which Deependra returned to his house disappointed. After coming home, Deependra created his own YouTube channel and started posting mimicry videos of actors on it. He uploaded mimicry videos of many big actors on his channel but when he did Tiger Shroff’s β€œHey little girl ho kya?” When a mimicry video was made, it went viral. People liked his video very much, after which Deependra became very popular among the people. You can guess their popularity from the fact that Tiger Shroff himself called him to meet him and together they made videos together.

  1. Get 5 kg of flour, the boy

Friends, if you are fond of watching reels, then you must have seen the viral video of this boy. If you haven’t seen it then don’t worry, let us show you whom this boy became famous overnight__
Friends, you must have also enjoyed seeing the confidence of the boy in the video. Let me tell you, this boy comes from a very poor family and sells oil by roaming in the market to fill his stomach. One day when he was selling oil in the market, a person captured its style in his camera and shared it on social media, after which this video of this boy became quite viral overnight. The video of this boy dancing to the song Srivalli went viral. Friends, let’s hear the big things of this little boy once

  1. girl with brown eyes

Friends, you must remember that brown-eyed girl who has defeated beautiful models on social media due to her glamorous style. Let me tell you, the name of this girl who is famous for the name of the girl with brown eyes is Kisbu, who used to sell balloons on the streets of Kerala. But today this girl has become a model. Actually, a few days back, Kisbu was selling balloons at the Andallurkavu festival in Kerala. At the same time, a photographer named Arjun Krishnan caught sight of Kisbu. Seeing the innocence and beauty of Kisbu, the photographer captured a picture of Kisbu selling balloons in his camera. Arjun also showed Kisbu’s pictures to Kisbu and his mother. Seeing which both were very happy, after which Arjun posted these pictures on Instagram. Kisbu’s pictures from Arjun’s Instagram went viral very fast. Shortly after that, Arjun’s friend Shreyas also clicked and shared Kisbu’s photo. And once again the picture of Kisbu started going viral, after which people became crazy about Kisbu’s grace and beauty. People on social media praised Kisbu’s pictures a lot. After which Kisbu got many modeling offers and now Kisbu has become a model.

  1. Kamwali Bai Sheela

Friends, all of you must have seen the videos of Kamwali Bai Sheela. His short videos are very trending on YouTube. By the way, tell that the real name of the one you know as Kamwali Bai Sheela K is Aparna Tandel. 21-year-old Aparna started her career with TikTok in the year 2017. Then the name of TikTok used to be Musically. Aparna had decided since childhood that I want to become an actress. She used to make daily videos on musically app. But musically, Aparna did not get any special response and neither did she get any special recognition. But Aparna did not give up. On 7 July 2021, Aparna created her YouTube channel. Arpana uploaded many videos on this too, but here too her video was not going viral, after which one day Aparna made a video in the getup of a working lady and on seeing this video became viral. Then what was there, after that Arpana started making short videos of Kamwali Bai more than one. In today’s time Aparna has two YouTube channels. The name of his first YouTube channel is short break. Aparna has more than thirty five lakh subscribers on this channel. Aparna uploads short videos on this channel. The name of their second channel is take a break. Aparna makes blog videos on this channel. This channel has more than two lakh subscribers. You can guess her popularity from the fact that today people know her as Kamwali Bai Sheela instead of her real name.

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