10 famous curses of Mahabharata era, you will be surprised to know

10 famous curses of Mahabharata era

10 famous curses of Mahabharata era, you will be surprised to know

Friends, if you are a believer of Hinduism, then you must have heard the names of religious texts like Mahabharata, Ramayana, Geeta, Shivpuran, Sunderkand. These are such religious scriptures and texts related to our Hindu religion which have special importance among the people. The entire Dwapar era is described in this texts. Many stories related to them are also popular, but today we are not going to tell you any story but about the curses mentioned in these texts. Yes, such curses, which were found in the time of Mahabharata, but today in Kaliyuga also people are suffering these curses.

Yudhishthira’s curse on women

Friends, in the Mahabharata, the curse given by Yudhishthira to the female caste is the most prevalent. It is said that when Arjuna killed Karna by deceit during the battle in Kurukshetra, then Kunti, the mother of Pandavas, started crying while sitting near the dead body of Karna. The Pandavas were surprised to see this. After which Yudhishthira asked Mother Kunti the reason for his crying. Then Mother Kunti told Yudhishthira that Karna is his eldest brother. Hearing this, the five Pandavas were very sad. After which Yudhishthira cursed Mother Kunti to hide such a big thing and said that after today no woman will be able to hide anything inside her and you all know this thing that there is nothing in the stomach of women. is digested.

Rishi Kindam’s curse on King Pandu

According to Mahabharata, once King Pandu went to the forest to play hunting. In the forest a pair of deer was engaged in the ritual. Seeing the deer, the king shot arrows at them. But in reality she was the deer and deer sage Kindam and his wife. As soon as the arrow is shot, he comes in his original form and at the time of death, Rishi Kindam, cursed King Pandu that whenever you meet a woman, you will die at the same time. Due to this curse, when King Pandu was meeting with his wife Madri, he died at the same time.

Tapaswini’s curse on Ravana

According to Valmiki Ramayana, once Ravana was going somewhere in his Pushpak Vimana. Then he sees a woman who is doing penance to get Lord Vishnu as her husband. Ravana was fascinated by her beauty as soon as he saw her. Ravana grabbed her by the hair and asked her to go with him. Seeing her being insulted like this, that ascetic left her body at that very moment and cursed Ravana that you will die only because of a woman and as you all know that Ravana dies because of Sita ji.

Shringi Rishi’s curse on Parikshit

After ruling Hastinapur for 36 years, when the five Pandavas along with Draupadi started going towards heaven, they handed over their entire kingdom to Abhimanyu’s son Parikshit. The people were very happy with the rule of King Parikshit. But one day King Parikshit went to the forest to hunt, there he saw a sage named Shamik.

lamps. Seeing the sage, the king felt like talking to him, but the sage was absorbed in austerity by observing a fast of silence. The king, unaware of this, calls out to the sage. Due to being absorbed in penance, the sage does not speak anything. Seeing this, the king got angry and in anger, he put a killed snake around the neck of the sage. When the sage’s son Shringi came to know about this, he cursed Parikshit that after 7 days from today, King Parikshit would die due to the bite of Takshak Nag. The king was cursed by the sage Shringi and he died after 7 days. It is said that Kali Yuga started only after the death of King Parikshit.

Apsara Urvashi curses Arjuna

During 13 years of exile, one day Arjuna reached heaven in search of divine. There Apsara Urvashi was fascinated by her appearance and beauty. Urvashi proposes marriage to Arjuna but Arjuna refuses her saying that he sees her as a mother. On this Urvashi got angry and cursed Arjuna that he would become impotent for life, he would have to live as a dancer among women. Hearing this, Arjun Dev went to Indra and told him everything. Indra asked Urvashi to take back the curse. After which Urvashi limited her curse to one year and this curse helped Arjuna to escape from the sight of Kauravas during his exile.

Tulsi’s curse to Lord Vishnu

According to Shiva Purana, there used to be a demon named Shankhachud, whose wife’s name was Tulsi. Tulsi was virtuous, due to which even the gods were unable to kill Shankhchud. For the salvation of the gods, it was necessary to kill Shankhchud. Therefore, Lord Vishnu took the form of Shankhchud and dissolved the chastity of Tulsi. Due to which the power of Tulsi’s chastity was reduced and then Lord Shankar killed Shankhchud. When Tulsi came to know about this, she cursed Lord Vishnu to become a stone. Due to this curse, Lord Vishnu is worshiped today in the form of Shaligram Shila.

Narada’s curse on Lord Vishnu

Once the god sage Narada Muni was fascinated by a girl. With the desire to marry that girl, Narada Muni went away in the form of Lord Vishnu in that girl’s swayamvara. When Lord Vishnu came to know about this, he turned the face of Narada Muni like a monkey during the Swayamvara and himself appeared in the Swayamvar. Seeing Lord Vishnu there, the girl accepted Lord Vishnu as her husband. Dev sage Narada was very angry on Lord Vishnu seeing all this. Narada Muni cursed Lord Vishnu and said that just as you have made me anxious for a woman, in the same way you will also have to suffer the separation of women. Lord Vishnu fulfilled this curse of Narada Muni in his Rama avatar. He looks distraught for his wife Sita in Rama’s avatar.

Mandavya Rishi’s curse on Yamraj

The description of the sage Mandavya is also seen in the Mahabharata. Once the king was mistaken in justice, after which he asked his soldiers to crucify the sage Mandavya. Even after hanging for a long time, the sage did not die, so the king realized his mistake. He got Rishi Mandavya removed from the shuli and also apologized for his mistake. After this sage Mandavya went to meet Yamraj directly. He asked Yamraj the reason for his torture. On which Yamraj told sage Mandavya that when you were 12 years old, you had pierced the tail of a small insect. You have been punished for your same mistake. Then sage Mandavya told Yamraj that at the age of 12, no one has the knowledge of what is religion and what is adharma. You have given me such a big punishment for such a small crime. That’s why I curse you that you will be born in Shudra Yoni as the son of a maidservant. Due to this curse of the sage Mandavya, Yamraj had to take birth as Vidur.

Parshuram’s curse on Karna

According to the Mahabharata story, when Dronacharya refused to teach Brahmastra Vidya to Karna because he was a cotton son, he approached Parashurama. But Parashurama had taken a vow that he would teach this knowledge to a Brahmin only. Therefore Karna introduced himself to Parashurama as a Brahmin son. But once when Parashurama was sleeping with his head on Karna’s lap, Karna was bitten by a fierce insect. Thinking that the Guru’s sleep should not be disturbed, Karna continued to bear the pain, but he did not lift Parashurama from his sleep.
On getting up from sleep, when Parashurama saw blood oozing from Karna’s body, he understood that Karna is not a Brahmin son but a Kshatriya because only a Kshatriya can bear so much pain. After which, for this deception of Karna, Parashuram cursed Karna that you will forget the weaponry taught by me at the time when you need it the most.

Krishna’s curse on Ashwatthama

At the end of the Mahabharata war, when Ashwatthama deceitfully killed the sons of the Pandavas, the Pandavas along with Lord Krishna reached the ashram of Maharishi Ved Vyas in search of Ashwatthama. Seeing the Pandavas, Ashwatthama left the Brahmastra on Arjuna. Seeing this, Shri Krishna also asked Arjuna to use the Brahmastra. But Maharishi Ved Vyas advised both of them to take back the Brahmastra to save the Brahmastra from colliding with each other, because if both the Brahmastra collided with each other, then the entire creation would be destroyed. After which Arjuna took back his Brahmastra, but Ashwatthama did not know how to take back the Brahmastra. Therefore Ashwatthama changed the direction of his Brahmastra and gave it in the womb of Abhimanyu’s wife Uttara. Due to which the child born in Uttara’s womb died. Seeing this, Lord Krishna got angry and cursed Ashwatthama that he would wander on this earth for 3000 years and pus and blood would flow from his body, with the smell of which no living being would wander near him. By the way friends, if we believe this to be true, then Ashwatthama would have been dead by now, because 3,000 years have already been completed since the Mahabharata war. But still it is claimed to have seen Ashwatthama in many places. Although there is no concrete proof of this, but if there is truth in this, then it means that Ashwatthama was cursed to wander till the end of Kali Yuga.

Gandhari’s curse to Shri Krishna

After the war of Mahabharata, when Lord Shri Krishna comes to console Gandhari, Gandhari gets angry seeing Shri Krishna in the separation of her sons and she curses Lord Shri Krishna that the way my 100 sons have been destroyed because of you, In the same way your lineage will also perish. In the thirty-sixth year from today, you will be killed like an orphan if your brothers and sons perish. Lord Krishna’s family ended because of Gandhari’s curse.

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