These Bollywood stars like to sleep without clothes, revealed themselves in the interview…

These Bollywood stars like to sleep without clothes, they themselves revealed in the interview… News about the personal lives of Bollywood actors and actresses will continue to arrive on social media in the coming days. In such a situation, everyone’s personal life remains much up for debate. There are some actors who stay in the news every day for one reason or another. Something that will amaze everyone, and you will also be ashamed of putting your hand over your mouth. There are some Bollywood stars who like to sleep without clothes. Let’s find out who are these stars who have made themselves known.

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1. Poona Pandey (Poonam Pandey)

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Poonam Pandey often stays in the headlines because of her outfit. The one who lets her horniness be controlled by wearing a strange dress. In such a situation, he was again in the news when he said that he does not like to sleep in clothes. She likes to sleep in the house without wearing anything.

2. Jacqueline Fernandez (Jacqueline Fernandez)

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If we talk about another star, it’s Jacqueline Fernandes. She remains in discussion because of her beauty and sexy figure. He said on Karan Johar’s show Koffee with Karan that he doesn’t like sleeping with clothes on. The less clothes she has on, the more comfortable she feels.

3. Rakhi Sawant

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If we take the name of the third star, who doesn’t know that she can be seen in the media every other day. In such a situation, she dominates the social media due to her outrageous antics. He has also said in an interview that he likes to sleep with less clothes on.

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4. John Abraham

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John Abraham, one of Bollywood’s fit and handsome heroes, has also revealed that he sleeps without any clothes at night. It would have been very relaxing for them. He likes to sleep without clothes.

5. Ranveer Singh

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Ranveer Singh often stays in the headlines for his dress sense. In such a situation, when he stays at home, he stays without clothes, he likes to stay without clothes, and he sleeps without clothes.

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