Seema Haider crossed the boundaries of dignity after coming to India, a private video went viral

Seema Haider crossed the boundaries of dignity after coming to India. A private video went viral. The love story of Seema Haider and Sachin who came to India from Pakistan is becoming more and more a hit. Rabupura village of Greater Noida where Seema lives along with Sachin. Seema Haider, who has been giving interviews to almost every TV channel in the country in recent days, has started spending more time on social media platforms to keep his distance from mainstream media. Seema is currently busy in the world of her Instagram account, from where she has shared such a private video, which is getting weird comments from the users. As for Seema Haider’s recent videos, it is said that Seema started sharing her romantic videos with her husband Sachin.

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Video of Seema Haider and Sachin

As you can see, in this private video of Seema Haider and Sachin that is going viral on social media, you can see Seema and Sachin in each other’s arms. In some videos, Seema Sachins caresses her hair.

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Seema Haider said this in another video

According to Tell’s information, Seema said in another such video, “This video is for those jealous Pakistanis. who wish us ill. No matter how many people do, no matter how much they cry or make accusations, nothing will change between me and Sachin. Seema also said that she will always be a Hindu woman in India with her husband Sachin. Now there are many types of comments coming to this video on social media.

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