Prime Minister Bhagwant Mann narrowly escaped the capsizing of the boat.

Bhagwant Mann boat

Chandigarh (Frankly news). Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann and the team accompanying him escaped a major accident. In fact, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann first reached Ferozepur and then reached Jalandhar constituencies to take stock of the flood victims and flood affected areas. Bhagwant Mann boat

What is going on Punjab flood

A large number of farms and houses in Lohian and adjacent Mand areas of Jalandhar have been flooded. Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and Rajya Sabha member Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal also attended to see it. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann along with his team went to inspect by riding in Kisht. Meanwhile, when Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann took stock, his boat’s balance was upset. Fortunately, it was saved from tipping over.

The Air Force rescued 146 people from flood-affected areas. Bhagwant Mann boat

The IAF’s relief and rescue operation is underway in the flood-affected areas and during this operation, IAF aircraft have flown 40 sorties and rescued 126 people in the last 48 hours. The air force has been carrying out relief and rescue operations in the flood-stricken areas of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab in recent days. A total of 40 missions with IAF aircraft and helicopters have been carried out in the past 48 hours, rescuing 126 people and distributing 17 tons of relief supplies in different areas. Punjab flood

Massive relief operations have been carried out in the flood-stricken areas of Haryana in the past 24 hours. Relief supplies, including rations, tarpaulins, sheets, fresh food and water bottles, were flown by M-17 helicopters to the flood-stricken villages of Nihara, Alauddin Majra, Bishangarh, Segta, Bhunni, Mumni, Segti and Jansui. Air Force officers and men and M-17 and Chinook helicopters, AN-32 and C-130 transport aircraft etc. are on hand for necessary operations and relief measures for this operation. Bhagwant Mann

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