Get rid of burning feet quickly!

Diabetes Foot Sensation
Diabetes Feet Sensation Get rid of burning feet in an instant

Burning Feet: Today, most of the people see the problem of sugar, this disease has now become a common disease, which occurs in every household. Diabetes is also known as diabetes and diabetic foot. For your information, let us tell you that as the amount of sugar in your body increases, you will see many changes. As you get tired, you will see swelling in your hands and feet and feel a lot of pain and a lot of burning in your feet.

In medical language, the increase in sugar is called hyperglycemia and its decrease is called hypoglycemia, but whether your sugar rises or falls, it is harmful to the body. Burning in the feet when sugar levels rise is a major symptom of unbalanced diabetes. FYI, let us tell you that when diabetes is out of balance, it damages the nerves and therefore starts a burning sensation and restlessness in your feet.

Diabetes Foot Sensation
Diabetes Foot Sensation
Get rid of burning feet

Although there are many home remedies to control the burning sensation of feet, according to the information, people remain untouched by these remedies and some people consider home remedies as a pastime and go to the doctor, but today we brought home such home remedies remedies for you to control the burning sensation of the feet due to an increase in sugar which have proven to be a panacea in controlling the burning sensation of your feet. So let’s know what causes burning sensation in feet and the home remedies to get rid of it.

Causes of a burning sensation in the feet. diabetic feeling in the feet

When diabetes is out of balance, it actually damages the nerves and that is why a burning sensation starts in the feet. In hypothyroidism, the body is unable to produce thyroid hormones properly. Its deficiency slows down many processes in the body and affects blood flow, with this problem there is often water retention in the body, swelling begins causing stress to the nerves of the legs and a burning sensation is felt in the feet. .

Remedies for burning feet

Ice water: Cold water or ice can go a long way in soothing your burning feet. You sit for 10-15 minutes by immersing your feet in ice or cold water, then you get a lot of relief from the burning sensation.

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Turmeric powder and black pepper: Turmeric and black pepper

It is considered very healthy for diabetic patients. You can drink black pepper and turmeric mixed with hot water which will give you great relief from the burning sensation.

Pleasure trip: You should roam on the green grass every day, you should walk for at least an hour.

Ginger Oil (Ginger Oil): Ginger oil has also proved to be a panacea in reducing the burning sensation of the feet, you will easily find this oil in the market. Massage this oil daily.

Keep feet up: You can also try to get rid of the burning sensation of the feet by trying a very easy method, for this you sleep by putting a pillow under your feet while sleeping. This keeps the feet slightly above the body and this leads to blood circulation and relief from a burning sensation.

cold compress: Burning and tingling of the feet can also be relieved by a cold compress, so you can compress your feet by taking a piece of ice wrapped in a cotton cloth, it will give you great relief.

Side Effects Of Black Pepper: Excessive consumption of black pepper can spoil your life!

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