Flood Punjab | Block Derabassi dedicated to helping the people affected by the flood.

Punjab flood
The association of Block Derabassi also came forward to help the affected flood

Dera Bassi (To be honest/MK Shaina). Flooding Punjab: The Ghaggar river has caused massive commotion in all districts. The sevadars of the Shah Satnam Ji Green Ace Welfare Force Wing of Dera Sacha Sauda are working day and night for flood-affected people in dozens of villages of Mohali district. Apart from food, other relief items are distributed by the sevadars by reaching the houses of the people in the flooded villages. The water is still flowing and despite this, the sevadars risk their lives to help the people affected by the flood. Punjab flood

Under this link, in collaboration with the Trivedi Campus of Block Derabassi, food and drinks were distributed to the flood-affected people from Ghaggar station. The servants have given them both food and rations. On the other hand, a glimmer of hope is starting to appear on the faces of the flood stricken people who were forced to spend the day at Ghaggar station after seeing the sevadars. Punjab flood

It is worth noting that Ghaggar has also caused massive destruction in Derabassi, leaving the situation unresolved. The sevadars encouraged the people affected by the flood, listened to their pain and increased their courage. Seeing the servile spirit of the sevadars, everyone at Ghaggar station heartily thanked the sevadars. Gurmeet Insan, Babla Kumar, Sahil, Mahesh, Sachin, Pinka, Varsha, Mamta, Ritika, Santosh and others were present on this occasion.

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