Cow of this native breed gives about 916 kg of milk in one balustrade, also looks beautiful in appearance

This desi breed cow gives about 916 kg of milk in one bale and also looks beautiful. Livestock farming is practiced in India from small to large scale, with milk and cows being kept on a large scale. Malvi-raskoe brought information about this. This cow is an indigenous breed and one of the most beautiful breeds of cows to be found in India. This cow is found in Madhya Pradesh and is also known as the Malvi cow after its place of origin. It is also called Manthani or Mahadevpuri. Let’s know.

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Malvi cow gives about 916 kg of milk in one balustrade.

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Speaking of milking, Malvi cows give about 916 kg of milk in one go. Their average milk production capacity ranges from 627 kg to 1227 kg. 4.3 percent fat is found in the milk of the Malvi cow. Malvikoe is best known as a draft animal. Tell us more about this cow.

Malvi cow specialty

According to the information, the cattle of the Malvi breed are usually white or grayish-white in color, and with age, the color changes to white. The neck, shoulders and quarter of the hump are brown-black in color, while the hair around the eyes is black. Malvi cow can give up to 13 liters of milk per day. This cow’s milk contains about 4.3 percent fat. The head of the Malvi cow is small and broad and the forehead is sloping. Its muzzle is broad, dark in color and directed slightly upwards. The legs are short but strong and have strong black hooves. The ears are small and pointed. The back part is curved and the back is straight. Their tail is of medium length.

Usually this cow can be found here

photo 1555

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Explain that this cow is mainly found in Rajgarh, Shajapur, Ratlam, Mandsaur and Ujjain districts of Madhya Pradesh. The cows of the Malvi breed are white or brown in color and the cows and bulls of this breed turn almost white as they grow up. Their horns are curved and the animals of this breed are healthy and compact.

how much does malvikoe cost

To tell how much this cow costs, the price of cows is usually determined on the basis of milking period, milking capacity and age. The cost of Malvi cow varies from about 20 to 50 thousand rupees. This price can be less or more.

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