Abohar News | Youths armed with swords and kapas attacked the motorcyclist.

Abuhar News
Injured under treatment in hospital

Young people admitted to a government hospital received 15 stitches. Abuhar News

Abohar (Sachhoon News). Due to old enmity, a youthful resident of Panjpir Nagar was attacked with swords and injured last night as he was on his way to his friend’s house on a bicycle. The injured boy has been taken to the government hospital for treatment. Abuhar News

Udayveer’s son Harmanpreet Singh, who is about 17 years old, said that he had an argument with some youths near Patel Park about some issue about 3 months ago. Because of this enmity, last night when he went by bicycle to meet his friend in Kothi Faiz, the said youths surrounded him near Indra Nagri.

Armed with swords and caps, the said youths stopped his bicycle and furiously attacked him, leaving him badly injured. Those around him told this to his relatives, who immediately admitted him to the government hospital. According to doctors, 15 stitches were applied to his head and there are traces of deep injuries on his body. Whose information has been provided to the police.

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