18 lakh rupees will be given in exchange for this 100 rupee note, but on one condition!

18 lakh rupees will be given in exchange for this 100 rupee note, but on one condition! By selling 100 notes, you can easily fulfill your dream of getting rich, which is enough to win everyone’s heart. Nowadays, the demand for old notes and coins is increasing rapidly in the global market in return for which you can fulfill your dream of earning lakhs of rupees.

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This special 100 rupee note makes you the owner of lakhs

In the next few days, you will hear a lot of news in the market that this person has become owner of lakhs or crores overnight, but you postpone the thought that he will do number two. But it is not, there are some ways in the market through which one can become a millionaire without doing anything. There is so much demand for some old things on the market that they get the asking price. Which you can’t even imagine. Likewise, if you have this 100 rupee note, you can also become the owner of 18 lakhs very quickly. Let’s know how.

Let us know what the specialty of this note is….

photo 1513

When we talk about the special thing about this note, there are a number of important things to keep in mind. It has some conditions, if you meet those conditions only you will get the money. First of all, you can see from this note that it is a very old note. If we see the number in this note, then all the numbers are 00, this is very important. If the number 00 is on your note, you can get Rs 18 lakh.

These 100 notes are also in high demand in the market.

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Besides this note, there are also Rs 100 notes in the market which are in great demand in the market. Talking about the specialty of this note, first of all, serial number 786 should be written on this note, which is necessary for everyone. In addition, it is very important to have Gandhiji’s picture printed on the front of the banknote.

Know why this note is so special

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In Islamic society, the serial number 786 on the note is considered very sacred and lucky. People consider it auspicious to buy this note to maintain good luck and prosperity. If you procrastinate even a little, you will have to regret, if you take the opportunity, then you will have to regret. One note can be sold for Rs 6 lakh and three notes for Rs 18 lakh.

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Know how to sell it

To sell 100 notes in the international market, you have to strike somewhere, you will regret it if you miss the opportunity. To sell the ticket, one must first register as a seller on the e-bay site. This is where the customers themselves contact you, where they would like to receive the asking price.

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