Judge Rao of Telangana High Court…

President Draupadi Murmu
President Draupadi Murmu

New Delhi. President Draupadi Murmu has appointed Judge Ponugoti Naveen Rao, the chief judge of Telangana High Court, as acting Chief Justice of the same Supreme Court. Yamurthy Rao retires today and is succeeded by Judge Abhinand Kumar Shavili. This information was provided in a notice from the Department of Justice, the Ministry of Justice and Justice.

According to the notice, Judge Rao will be succeeded by Supreme Court Justice Abhinand Kumar Shavili after his retirement on Friday. The same notice announced the appointment of Judge Shavili as acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. It can be noted that Judge Ujjal Bhuiyan, the then Chief Justice of Telangana, has been elevated to the position of Apex Court Judge.

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