Her sister looks hotter than Urfi Javed, Malaika also fails fitness, see photos

Her sister looks hotter than Urfi Javed, Malaika also fails fitness, see pictures. Urfi Javed belongs to Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Urfi Javed remains in the limelight for her fashion sense. His sisters too. She is also very active on social media and keeps talking. Her sister is very beautiful and like Urfi, she is also very stylish.

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Urfi Javed’s sister was spotted at fashion designer Gaurav Gupta’s party

photo 1393

As we tell you, Urfi Javed’s sister Urfi Javed recently attended fashion designer Gaurav Gupta’s party. Where his sister Asfi Urfi was also seen with him. Urfi Javed, as usual, was seen in her ethereal dress along with her sister Asfi Urfi was not one to be left behind.

Urfi Javed’s sister looked very horny and glamorous at the party

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Urfi Javed’s sister won a lot of praise for her hot and glamorous look at the party. She looked 4 steps ahead of Urfi Javed’s sister in that company. People were more praising his sister than Urfi Javed. She was wearing a plain silk saree in yellow color with a pencil blouse. She wore earrings to complete her look. In which she looked very beautiful. She had kept her hair side open, which made people’s heartbeats rise.

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Urfi Javed’s unusual look as always

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Urfi Javed is known for her unconventional dress sense. She adopted a unique look, she wore a thigh-high split skirt with a tube top. In which he did something to complete his look, in which the attention went to him. His sister left him there. The eyes of the people were on his sister. People began to praise him fiercely. And his eyes did not leave Asfi.

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