Haryana Flood | Many families do not even have water and food supplies.

Haryana flood
NDRF team provides assistance to water-filled colony

Water filled colonies and villages, people lived on roofs. Haryana flood

  • Heavy flooding on Kurukshetra-Pihova road, anger among people
  • There is also a risk of the disease spreading, the health department warns

Kurukshetra (To be honest/Devilal Barna). The crisis of flooding in many colonies and villages of Kurukshetra is constantly deepening. In recent days, the local people sitting on the roofs of their houses have become worried. At the same time, administrative facilities do not reach all places. No doubt some pictures of helping the people go viral, but the reality on the ground floor tells otherwise. In such a situation, the common man begins to worry. People of some colonies said with sadness in their eyes that there is no water to drink or eat and they spend their time sitting on the roofs. Don’t know how long this will take. Kurukshetra News

Please tell that Didar Nagar of Kurukshetra is completely flooded due to Linda drain failure. All the streets and houses of Didar Nagar are full of water. Apart from Narkatari village, some areas of adjacent Shanti Nagar and Azad Nagar are also swampy. At the same time, water is also being filled in Kuber Colony, Kirti Nagar, Vashishtha Colony, Saraswati Nagar, Khedi Markanda village.

DC said action will be taken if rumors spread. Haryana flood

Kurukshetra DC Shantanu Sharma said that some anti-social elements on the social media platform have made the information about the release of 50,000 cusecs of water from the Hathini Kund Barrage viral while it is false information. Legal action may also be taken against anti-social elements who spread such false rumors. He clarified that a false message has been spread on social media platforms claiming that 50,000 cusec of water was released from the Hathni Kund barrage. The water has now reached Kala Amb. It will probably arrive in Kurukshetra tonight or tomorrow morning. This water will enter the entire city including sectors. Such information or information has not been provided by the administration.

MLA claims to have formed a team of 300 employees. Haryana flood

In the situation of flooding, the representatives of the government must also face the anger of the people. Meanwhile, MLA Subhash Sudha has claimed that special arrangements have been made to deliver food to people in Didar Nagar, Kirti Nagar, Vashishtha Colony, Khedi Markanda and other rain-affected areas. He said that under this arrangement, a confectioner near Didar Nagar has been on duty for continuous cooking. BJP’s youth leader Sahil Sudha does the job of making fresh food from here and bringing it to the people from door to door.

Haryana flood

He said more than 300 workers and a dozen religious and social organizations are currently working to help the people. On the other hand, MLA’s son Sahil Sudha said that as per MLA Subhash Sudha’s orders, every person who is affected by rain is helped. Several teams have been formed for this and all possible help is being given to the people by going door to door in deep water.

NDRF takes people to safe places. Haryana flood

Two teams of 50 NDRF members have reached the district to assist and evacuate the people to a safe place. These teams have been working to rescue more than 300 people from deep water in Pehowa and Kurukshetra and bring them to a safe place. Apart from this, apart from providing relief materials to dozens of people, it has also helped treat animals.

The first team worked to evacuate 96 people, including 15 women, 11 children, 2 newborns, 68 men and an animal, from Adhyaya, Deewana and the nearby deros of Pehowa to a place of safety. He said that NDRF’s second team rescued about 300 people from Didar Nagar from deep water and took them to a safe place. The commanding inspector of the NDRF team, Ramakant Patel, said that the NDRF team is continuously working to help the people.

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