All schools in Hanumangarh, Tibbi and Pilibanga…

Hanumangarh declared holiday in all schools of Hanumangarh, Tibbi and Pilibanga

Petrol pumps remain open 24 hours and ration shops reserve the equipment

Hanumangarh. Government and non-government schools in Hanumangarh, Tibbi and Pilibanga will remain closed on Saturday due to high water flow in the district’s Ghaggar River. Holidays of all employees and officers have been canceled and all preparations have been made, including shelter, food supply, cleanliness, medical from a security point of view. In view of the increasing inflow of water into the Ghagghar River, District Collector Smt.

District Collector including SP Sudhir Chaudhary, Trainee IAS Pritam Jakhar, ADM Ms. Pratibha Deothia, ADM Nohar Ms. Chanchal Verma, Additional SP Jassaram Bose and all SDM and Army officers attended the meeting. Hanumangarh

The district collector told during the meeting that given the situation in North India, we have to keep our preparation as good as possible. We are preparing considering the last flood, at that time there was 65 to 70 thousand cusecs of water in Gulachika, while it had reached 80 thousand to 1 lakh in the previous days. There is a possibility that 17 to 20 thousand cusecs of water will flow into the district until Friday evening. Hanumangarh

Given the amount of water released from Otu Head, we are taking protective measures. In case people have to move, their living, eating, drinking, cleaning and medical facilities have been mapped. The Ghaggar River flows in the district for 50 to 53 kilometers and divides it into a radius of 10-10 kilometers, officers and teams are appointed. The Irrigation Department has identified 18 areas where breaches could occur, and effective monitoring is underway.

The army has not yet been deployed anywhere. Hanumangarh

The district collector said that the army has not been called anywhere in the district at the moment, he has inspected the area from a security point of view. The resources of the army have been revised, if necessary, the army can be deployed in 2 hours. One army unit has been kept on standby for all three blocks. A control room has been set up in the district, 2-2 SDRF teams have been deployed in Tibbi, Pilibanga, Hanumangarh and 1 NDRF team has been kept in reserve in Hanumangarh, 2 more SDRF teams have been called up from Ajmer and Jaipur, and 2 NDRF teams stand by.

SDM has been appointed to monitor the levees, Zilla Parishad has been appointed as CEO for the food and shelter center. Instructions have been given to CMHO and ACMHO for medicines and medical team, PWD for clay pots. DSO has been instructed to reserve petrol and diesel. Appointments are reviewed by VC at 5pm

After the release of over 20,000 cusecs of water from Otu Head, the people of the sensitive area will be sent to the shelter. There is an attempt to pour water from Ghagghar to IGNP, if the water in GDC rises by more than 13 thousand cusec and in the drain by more than 5 thousand cusec, then people will be moved. The District Collector instructed the Irrigation Department to update the water situation every hour.

Vacation declared in schools. Hanumangarh

Due to the excessive inflow of water, all government and non-government schools in the Tibbi, Hanumangarh and Pilibanga blocks of the district are closed until further notice. The staff of all these schools will have to be present at the institute at the appointed time. If he cannot reach his workplace in case of flooding, he will receive instructions from his senior officials.

Petrol pumps remain open 24 hours and ration shops reserve the equipment

According to the provisions mentioned in the Disaster Management Act 2005 in view of the pre-flood preparedness, in view of the disaster situation, the petrol pumps in the district will reserve the amount of petrol and diesel fuel by keeping them open for 24 hours and also reserve the food items of all ration shops in the district

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