Abohar News | A mentally disturbed person set the house on fire

Abuhar News
All household items kept in the house were burned to ashes.

Abohar (Sachhoon News). A man resident of Kothi Faiz, located on Abohar-Sriganganagar road, set fire to his own house in a fit of rage after an argument with his wife last night, burning all the household items kept in the house to ashes. The fire brigade was on site during the night and extinguished the fire. According to the information, Fazilka resident Gurpreet Singh told that his brother-in-law Rana Singh’s son Satnam Singh had an argument with his wife about something last night, after which his wife left home with her four children.

Enraged by this, Rana Singh set fire to the house and went somewhere herself, burning the things kept in the house, beds, cupboards and other household items. Bystanders alerted the firefighters who arrived on scene and had the fire under control. Abuhar News

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