Water, life and water! Everything was swept away in the devastation!!

Haryana, Flood Punjab
Haryana, Punjab Flood: Behold the Horrific Scene of Devastation!

Haryana Punjab Flood: Water is life for every living thing on this earth, ‘without water everything is empty’, but if this water takes a violent form i.e. comes in the form of water, then there will be destruction on the earth. . When a flood comes in the form of water, it sweeps away everything in its path. Somewhere this water loses consciousness after being excited and somewhere it makes people suffer a lot for its own sake. Somewhere in the scorching heat, the monsoon is eagerly awaited and when it arrives it brings chaos. Flooding news in Punjab

This story of this water has been going on for years. Both the central government and state governments are well aware of this deluge of water and every time high demands on flood protection are made to the public, but when seen at ground level these claims all turn out to be hollow. visible. All water projects connecting government rivers will remain on the ground. Once the monsoon arrives, public life seems to be busy. Water becomes ‘Jaljala’ and disappears after destroying millions of lives. Flooding in Haryana Punjab

MP and DC themselves went into the boat with the NDRF team to save the family trapped in the Sutlej boom

Like every year, this year too, North India could be seen flowing through the storm in the monsoon, life was submerged in water. Cars like toys, houses like paper installments. Not only this, towns and cities were devastated by this monsoon disaster. Talking about devastation from the ‘burnt’ water in this monsoon, then Uttarakhand and Himachal were seen helpless by the devastation of landslides and floods. Roads of Delhi, Mumbai were filled with water. The water level reached the roofs of houses in Haryana and Punjab. Lakhs people in Assam were surrounded by flood waters on all sides. Have their homes and shops all been flooded? Flooding in Haryana Punjab

If the case continues, towns and villages in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and MP have also been flooded. At present, only UP-Bihar are left eagerly awaiting this devastation, but like years, the same devastation scene will also be seen here. This time we have to wait and see how the situation will be here.

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NDRF team members looking for youth.

Every time during the monsoon season, the country’s rivers flood and calm down after wreaking havoc. Major rivers causing devastation include Brahmaputra’s vandalism, Kosi’s devastation, Gomti’s anger, Narmada’s displeasure, Godavari’s mutiny, Damodar causing pain, Ganga’s depth etc. Flooding in Haryana Punjab

Not all governments are aware of this devastation. The central government and the state governments all know this, but they all remain ignorant. When devastation occurs, all governments come out of their respective accounts and calm down by announcing damages or compensation, but there is no plan to contain this devastation. Even if it exists, it will be limited to papers only.

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Kairana News
Flood PAC jawans reached Yamuna

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