Tryst with Koki | Book “Tryst with Koki” released

Try with Koki

Sindhi’s own saga “Trist with Koki” book released

On this evening of July 10, 2023, the latest book “Tryst with Koki” written by Dr. Subhadra Anand, ex-principal of the college, launched on the campus of RD National College. College representative Suman gave information to Sach Kahun and said that the book was launched by the favorable hands of Dr. Neha Jagtiani, principal of RD National College, in the presence of staff.

Try with Koki
The book’s release was a star-studded event

This book is based on the facts from the research book “National Integration of Sindhis”. The story revolves around the Advani family whose properties in Karachi have been destroyed as a result of the partition of India. A family that once lived in the posh neighborhood of Clifton find themselves in the grim dirt of Ulhasnagar Camp. A gripping story about the life struggles of 18-year-old Sheila Advani, she faces unimaginable challenges.

Later, the story also draws attention to the other members of the family where one member of the family takes a simple job in Sindhwarki while the other becomes a lawyer. But this stage of struggle continues until their days are changed by hard work and strong intentions. Any Sindhi who has been forced to leave their homeland and move from one corner of the world to another under struggle will find that this is its own story. Speaking of, it symbolizes the indomitable spirit of the Sindhi community.

A supply of cokis, Sindhi flatbread filled with ghee, chillies, onions and coriander etc. was what Sheela packed with her luggage when she left the house halfway to fight hunger. This is the story of Sheela’s journey of countless extreme emotions, success and struggles in life.

History of College: Suman further inquired that RD National College which was established in the year 1949 under the leadership of Rishi Dayaram Gidumal and Dr. Annie Besant, is the first college established under the HSNC board. It has the status of a Sindhi minority but is open to all, thus symbolizing the true national spirit.

Our institute (college) is proud to launch this book which reflects the Sindhi ethos. The book launch was a star-studded event, with actor Suniel Shetty as the main guest and Vikramaditya Motwane as the special guest. The book was read by Manish Anand and Sumukhi Suresh. After this, writer and poet Maneka Shivdasani maintained her opinion.

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