The inhabitants of the colony protested by standing in the dirty water.. shouting slogans – Sach Kahoon

Standing in the dirty water of Panipat, the inhabitants of the colony protested.. shouted slogans

Panipat… Sunny Kathuria. The people of No. 23 Ward of the Municipal Corporation and the workers of the Aam Aadmi Party chanted slogans against the leaders of the city while standing in dirty water. The people of the ward named their ward as unclaimed ward and said that last year the leaders of the city were also informed about their problem and they assured that the problem would be solved soon but even after 1 year expired. The problem remains as it is, there is no drainage of water in district No. 23, this situation remains waterlogged not only on rainy days but also on normal days. Due to flooding on this road, accidents often occur and people are injured.

The residents of the ward said that due to flooding it has become difficult to leave the house. When you leave the house, there is a fear that a well will form and that an accident may occur due to falling. Due to flooding, pollution has increased so much that the fear of diseases has also started to gnaw. He said that at the time of the election, the leaders come with folded hands for 5 days and take votes and even if we have to fold hands for 5 years, our work is not done.

District president of Aam Aadmi Party Business Cell Pritpal Kheda and state leader Krishna Aggarwal who reached the protest said that the state government is making long promises and telling the public that the city is being developed by spending billions of rupees but the reality is in front of you today where the ward People stand in the dirty water praising the leaders of the city. Even after spending billions of rupees, if the public is to perform like this by staying in the water, then such leaders should resign their posts. On this occasion, the people of Ward 23 and workers of the Aam Aadmi Party were present.

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