Sri Ganganagar News | Big action in Rajasthan against drug peddlers.

Sri Ganganagar News
The police have taken strict action against drug peddlers and people involved in drug smuggling in the state.

First action under Pitt NDPS Act

Sriganganagar (Sach Kahun News / Lakhjit Singh). The police have taken strict action against drug peddlers and people involved in drug smuggling in the state. The county police have apprehended a non-stop peddler under the NDPS law, who continues to sell drugs even after repeated persuasions and criminal actions. Under the Pitt Act, the police are not even required to show any recovery on the spot and the person involved can be held in prison for 1 to 2 years.

Senior Superintendent of Police Sriganganagar Parish Deshmukh

Told that for the first time in the state, Sriganganagar Police, while taking action under the Pit NDPS Act, to prevent drug addiction, Home Minister Gairsail Resham Singh s/o Bachan Singh, resident of Chak 4B Badi Pakki Police Hindumalkot District Sriganganagar Station resident of Chak 4B Badi Pakki Police Station, Sriganganagar (Law) was sent to Government Secretariat Jaipur, Rajasthan. Sri Ganganagar News

Who while issuing a warrant against Gairsail ordered Resham Singh to keep said Gairsail in jail. Including said will be illegally detained by Hindumalkot police station and sent to jail on July 14. He said that the police are constantly selecting such people and further proceedings are ongoing under the Pitt NDPS Act.

Pit NDPS Act applies to such people. Sri Ganganagar News

This includes drug sellers, drug sellers, drug manufacturers, suppliers from one place to another, those who support drug sellers, those who directly and indirectly help them financially and persons involved in such criminal conspiracy, etc. There is provision to take preventive measures to take. action against under the law. There is no need for on-site redress for action under the law. Sri Ganganagar News

this is action

Under section 03 of the Pitt NDPS Act, for one year from the date of apprehension and under section 10, the power to detain drug traffickers in prison for two years from the date of apprehension, within a radius of 100 kilometers from the international border. . Sri Ganganagar News

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