Meri Policy Mere Haath | ‘My policy, my hand’ campaign implemented in the country

Meri policy Mere Haath
‘My policy, my hand’ campaign implemented in the country

Rajasthan ranks top in the country in the distribution of insurance claims. Meri policy Mere Haath

  • Crop insurance claims worth 19 thousand 900 crores distributed till date

Jaipur. While farming, farmers deal with the vagaries of the weather and sometimes natural disasters. This prevents the farmers from taking full advantage of the crop yield that is irrigated with sweat. Through the Crop Insurance Scheme, insurance claims are provided by the state government to farmers experiencing crop failures to compensate for damaged crops. This move by the state government proves to be a milestone in providing economic support to farmers. Meri policy Mere Haath

To solve the problem of farmers not getting insurance policies from the central government on time, the distribution of insurance policies to farmers has started on the initiative of the state government from Kharif 2021. Given the encouraging results, the central government has also started distributing of insurance policies to the farmers by implementing Rabi’s 2021-22 ‘Meri Policy Mere Haath’ campaign across the country in imitation of the state government, which is a matter of pride and pride. joy for the state government.

Insurance claims spread across 210 lakh crop insurance policies

Agriculture and Horticulture Government Secretary Dr. Prithvi said about 956.42 lakh crop insurance has been created in the state in the past four years. He told that Rajasthan is so far at the top of the nation in distributing crop insurance claims worth Rs 19 thousand 900 crore through the portal across about 210 lakh crop insurance policies. He informed that 31.06 lakh crop insurance policies have been made in Rabi season 2018-19 and 46.06 lakh in Kharif season 2019.

Similarly, 40.11 lakh in 2019-20 Rabi Season, 67.02 lakh in 2020 Kharif Season, 40.43 lakh in 2020-21 Rabi Season, 186.30 lakh in 2021 Kharif Season, 157.55 lakh in 2021-22 Rabi Season, 216.01 policy has been made. Similarly, about 171.88 lakh harvest insurance policies have been created in the 2022-23 Rabi season. Rajasthani news

Rajasthan honored for better implementation

Dr. Prithvi informed that the state government has been honored with two awards by the central government in the national convention organized in Raipur, Chhattisgarh in April 2023 for better implementation of crop insurance scheme in the state. The state won first prize for the distribution of insurance claims through the National Crop Insurance Portal and took second prize for better implementation of the scheme.

Crop insurance for farmers at a minimum premium

The government secretary of Agriculture and Horticulture said that farmers only pay a 2 percent premium for Kharif crops and 1.5 percent for Rabi crops and that the premium for commercial and horticultural crops is 5 percent. He said that under the scheme, crop loans can be insured by borrowers, non-borrowers and sharecroppers.

Farmers Salaram and Raghuveer received support from the scheme

Salaram Bana, a resident of Tehsil Phulera in Jaipur district, said he takes both Rabi and Kharif crops on his field. He said that due to the heavy rains last year after the harvest of the wheat, the field was flooded and all the harvest that was on the field got spoiled. Bana says he was saved from ruin because he had taken out crop insurance under the Crop Insurance Scheme. 60,000 rupees were deposited into his account as an insurance claim. He says this plan has proved to be a blessing to him. Because if they didn’t get the insurance claim, they would never be able to collect their debt and their family would have become dependent on money. Rajasthani news

Now Salaram is sensitizing other farmers in his village to get crop insurance. Similarly, Raghuveer Prasad, a resident of Magalwada village in Jaipur district, told that he sowed moong crop in his field last year, which was destroyed due to flooding. He says that despite the loss, he was relieved to have secured his moong harvest under the scheme. Raghuveer says he received compensation of Rs 55,000 in his bank account for crop failures. They never tire of thanking the government for this relief.

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