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Jan Samman video contest

Manglesh of Nagaur, Rahul of Jaipur, Pratibha Tiwari of Dausa the key to happiness

Jaipur. Jan Samman Video Contest: Not only do the people of the state get the benefits of 10 major schemes through the loved ones relief camps operated by the state government, but also now the Jan Samman video contest is about all major public welfare schemes implemented in the state of innovation to the common people Information reached in a creative way. In this way, this competition turns out to be another round of relief as the common people get prize money along with the promotion of the schemes.

Videos posted on social media on Monday, July 10, results released on Thursday, lucky for Mr. Manglesh Prajapat of Mundawa block in Nagaur district. Prajapat, 30, received a prize money of Rs one lakh for making a video about the state government’s social services. Manglesh Prajapat couldn’t believe his luck after winning the first prize.

In a conversation with him, he said that since July 7, the first day of the competition, he has been making videos continuously and participating in the Jan Samman video competition. He said that on July 10, he posted his video on two social media handles with #JanSammanJaiRajasthan. He is very happy that his video won the first prize. They say that as long as this contest continues, they will make videos every day and participate in the contest.

Rahul Goyal, 33, from Jaipur won the second position and received a prize money of Rs 50,000 for making a video about the Annapurna Food Packet Scheme for the underprivileged. Rahul said that through this competition, the common man is directly linked to the social services of the government. Through this competition, in addition to connecting the common people with the schemes of the government, they also receive financial support. Rahul and his family are very happy with the award for which they sincerely thank the state government. Jan Samman video contest

Similarly, Pratibha Tiwari of Dausa got the third position and won a prize of Rs 25,000. He made videos about various schemes such as 100 units of free electricity scheme for anti-inflation camp based on dialogue between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. Prabha Tiwari says that she and her relatives are very happy to receive a lump sum of Rs 25,000 as the third prize. There is an influx of people congratulating him. CM Ashok Gehlot

Due to this innovation from the state government, a wave of new enthusiasm is going on among the people of the state, and they also receive financial support by getting the prize money. It is noteworthy that the names and results of each day’s winners can be seen at https://jansamman.rajasthan.gov.in/. All information related to entering the competition is also available at this link.

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