Jaipur News | Rajasthan will be built on the lines of Udaipur’s Gulab Bagh Birdhouse.

Jaipur News
Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot

Construction is underway in 33 Lavkush Gardens and 17 other sites

  • Approval of additional budget provision of Rs 43.50 crore

Jaipur. 50 birdhouses will be built for conservation and promotion of birds in the state. Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot has approved an additional budgetary provision of Rs 43.50 crore for the construction of these aviaries. These aviaries will be built in 33 Lavkush gardens and 17 other sites. Jaipur News

These birdhouses will be built on the lines of the birdhouse in Udaipur’s Gulab Bagh. Rs 87 lakh is spent per birdhouse for building birdhouses, food for birds and purchase of foreign birds. A total of Rs 43.50 crore is spent in this way. From this amount, birds like cockatiel (Australian bird), lovebird, budgerigar (buggy parrot), guineafowl (chakor murga) etc. will be bought from pet shops in birdhouses with one lakh rupee each. Rajasthani news

With this endorsement from Gehlot, in addition to providing protection for birds in the state, sick, helpless and injured birds can be treated and promoted. It is noteworthy that the Chief Minister had announced the construction of 50 birdhouses in the budget for the year 2023-24. This approval is given in implementation of this announcement. Jaipur News

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