Flood Punjab | Situation is bad in the countryside, water everywhere

Punjab flood
Army personnel, including NDRF, rescue people surrounded by water in remote homes and take them to places of safety.

The essence of three villages in Ghaggar has not been taken, the victims are waiting for help from the government

Patiala (To be honest / Khushveer Singh Toor). The situation in rural Patiala remains grim and people are suffering from the devastation of the Ghaggar River with several villages in the district still under water. Although the army personnel, including NDRF, are rescuing the people surrounded by water and taking them to safe places, people in the villages bordering Haryana are still waiting for help from the government. Up to three villages in Ghaggar or Halka Shutrana still no administrative officer or army personnel have grasped the essence. People are stranded here hungry and thirsty. Punjab flood

According to the information, people are trapped in a large body of water in the villages of Halka Samana, Shasha Theh, Shasi Brahmana, Hasampur Mangata, Bhagwanpura, Dharamhedi etc. Dozens of villages have been cut off from roads and people are trapped in their homes. People who live far away (in the fields) in the villages, sit on the roofs of their houses. NDRF teams are constantly rescuing people in the villages of Halka Shutrana and Samana and food is also being distributed in many villages. People trapped in the fields are also rescued by these teams risking their lives. At the same time, late at night, many people were pulled from their water-filled houses in the dark. Punjab flood

Here also a picture emerged that the people of three villages across the Ghaggar of Halka Shutrana have not been taken care of by any government officials till now. Rampur Pata, Dwarkapur and Uhjapati have been included in these villages in Ghaggar, where no officer has arrived for two to three days. Malkit Singh, a villager, said over the phone that he has also spoken to the Tehsildar and the local MLA but still no help has been reached. Concerned, he said it seemed like he was not part of Punjab at all.

The issue of these three has been brought to the attention of the administration by this journalist and the administration has assured that army teams are being sent here. Malkit Singh said that one person has died in the village and his dead body has been kept at home by the relatives as the cremation ground is also flooded. He said that there is no boat in the village and that the villagers are begging the administration for help.

NDRF jamans also help the dumb. Punjab flood

In addition to the people, the voiceless are also being helped by the NDRF teams. A dog trapped in the water has also been rescued by the said team. That dog was taken to a safe place by raft. NDRF kajaans give their whole lives for the people who fell under Ghaggar. The truck driver was safely pulled out by ropes in the strong currents of Ghaggar by NDRF personnel after a truck got stuck on the Patdan Khanauri Bridge.

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