Ferozepur News | Open petrol pump in Ferozepur central prison building

Ferozepur News
Minister Harbhajan Singh opens the petrol pump in the prison building.

Cabinet Minister Harbhajan Singh inaugurated. Ferozepur News

Firozpur (Sach Kahun News). A petrol pump has been opened in Ferozepur Central Jail Building. The petrol pump was inaugurated on Thursday by Harbhajan Singh, Minister of Energy and PWD, Government of Punjab, by filling petrol into a car. During his speech, the minister said that petrol pumps are being opened outside 12 prisons in Punjab. The revenue from these petrol pumps will be used to improve Punjab’s prisons. Ferozepur News

Prisoners will be provided with education and a number of other necessary amenities. During his speech, the cabinet minister said that the government under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann has signed an agreement with the Indian Oil Company under the Punjab Jail Development Board. Including gas pumps will be set up outside 12 prisons of Punjab. Of which gas pumps have been completed in Ropar, Hoshiarpur, Ludhiana and Ferozepur. He said these gas pumps were opened for the purpose of upgrading the prisons, educating the inmates or providing other facilities. He said that these gas pumps would be operated by prisoners as well as by private individuals. Ferozepur News

This will increase the income of the department and encourage the inmates to work so that after their release they can go out and become good citizens and join the mainstream by doing good work. He said that it has been observed that many prisoners regret their mistake and want to come out and work in society as good citizens. This is a good way of working for them, here they will see and meet ordinary people, which will further change their mindset. The minister said that more work will be done to improve the prisons and we hope that this initiative will prove very useful in the future. Ferozepur News

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