Didi used a clever technique to catch rats, if there are rats in your house too, catch them like this…

Desi Jugaad Viral Video: Didi used a clever technique to catch rats, if there are also rats in your house, catch them like this… A woman told the ninja technique of catching rats. The woman’s trick to catch the rat in the video is worth watching. This video is becoming more and more viral.

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Everyone suffers from the terror of rats in the house

In today’s world, it has become common to have rats in the home. Rats naturally go where there is food and drink. And their fear continues throughout the house. In such a situation, there is no permanent solution to drive them out of the house. One such video goes viral on social media, telling a woman about the ninja technique of catching rats. We can also call it jugaad, you will also be surprised to see the jugaad.

Didi used ninja technique to catch rats

In this viral video, as you can see, the woman is standing with a broom in her hand. The same, he has already made a wall of water bottles from both sides outside the door. Which opens directly towards the main entrance of the house. In no time the woman chases the mouse out of the house between the bottles and sweeps it away with a broom.

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This video is going viral on social media

This video is getting very viral on social media where it has been shared on social media by a person named Sachkadwahai. This video has been viewed by millions of people so far. So far, more than 1 lakh 22 thousand likes have come to this video. Also people comment on this video. No matter how many obstacles you make, they will jump over them. At the same time, another user joked, “If you think one hundred percent, something like this will come out.” Another user wrote, she’s a woman, she can do anything. Likewise, people are constantly recording their respective reactions.

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