Chicken worth 1.5 lakh rupees can be kept even in a small place that is too easy

A rooster worth Rs 1.5 lakh can be raised even in a small place, that is too easy. Many farmers are now turning to poultry and goat farming and are abandoning traditional farming. In such a situation, poultry farming is one of those farms in which they make more profit than farming. However, there is more to this investment and hard work is required. But today we are going to tell you about such a hen, the price of which on the market is so high that you cannot even imagine it. You can buy 200 Kadaknath chickens for the price of this one chicken. Let us tell you how to do better poultry farming with dragon chicken. Let us tell you.

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This is the name of this chicken and where it is kept

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You must have seen a lot of chickens, but the name of the chicken we are talking about today is ‘Dong Tao’ or ‘Dragon Chicken’. This is one of the most expensive chickens in the world. Currently, these chickens can only be found in Vietnam, but due to their increasing demand all over the world, traders from other countries have also started to follow them. Yet most people in India are still not aware of this hen.

dragon chicken Raising of

Let me tell you that if you want to raise dragon chickens in India, you have to get the kids from Vietnam first. Apart from this, the rearing of these chickens is similar to that of ordinary chickens. Only their dosage is more and it is difficult to maintain them by confining them in a mold. So if you are planning to raise them in India then you should have at least some big and open space. The rest is very easy to follow.

dragon chicken price will surprise

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As you can see, these chickens, which have become popular all over the world under the name ‘Dong Tao’ or ‘Dragon Chicken’, were first raised on a farm near Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The most special thing about these chickens are their legs. Their legs are so thick that you don’t feel that they are chicken legs. According to the information, let us tell you that the price of a dragon chicken in the market is currently around $2000, which if converted into Indian rupees, it is 1.63. 570 will be close to Rs. At present, people in Vietnam only eat this chicken once. This is on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

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