This cow gives 50 to 80 liters of milk, keep this breed of cow in the courtyard of the house, it will make you rich in a short time.

This cow gives 50 to 80 liters of milk, breeding this cow breed in the courtyard of the house will make you rich in a short time. If you also want to open a dairy or do animal husbandry, this news will be very useful for you. Could be possible. Today we will talk about the Gir breed of cows, which can give milk from 50 to 80 liters. Explain that the Gir cow’s milk is in high demand in the market and that the milk is sold at a higher price than that of a normal cow. Not only this, the demand for ghee made from its milk is also high. Today we will give you information about the Gir cow breed that gives more milk.

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Know the specialty of the Gir cow breed

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This Gir cow is known for its good milk production. Gold elements are found in the milk of this cow, which develops immunity. The body color of this cow is found in white, dark red or chocolate brown spots or sometimes in a bright red color. The ears of the cow of this breed are long and hang down. Its most unique feature is the convex forehead that protects it from the hot sun. It is found in medium to large sizes. The average weight of the female gir is 385 kg and the height is 130 cm while the average weight of the male gir is 545 kg and the height is 135 cm. The skin of their body is very soft and flexible, the horns are bent back. This cow is also known for her good disease resistance. It regularly gives calf. Gives calf for the first time at the age of 3 years. Udder is well developed in Gir cows. These animals are adapted to different climates and can easily live in warm places.

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Keeping cows of the Gir breed will be beneficial

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Gir cow has the capacity to give more than 12 liters of milk per day. Which contains up to 4.5 percent fat. In one bayan this cow gives an average milk production of about 2110 kg. In Gujarat, Gir has given 8200 kg of milk in one bayat. Gir cow has a record of giving 36 kg of milk per day in a farm in Gujarat, while 50 kg of milk is taken from Gir cow in Brazil per day.

best breeds of gir cow

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Swarna Kapila and Devmani breed of Gir cow are considered the best. Swarna Kapila gives 20 liters of milk per day and the fat in her milk is a maximum of 7 percent. Among native animals, the name Gir ranks first in giving milk. This cow is known by many other names in regional languages ​​like Bhodli, Desan, Gurati and Kathiawadi etc.

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