The small electric car from Ligier that MG Comet is going to throw off the market will attack in a great way

The small electric car from Ligier that MG Comet is going to throw off the market will speak in a great way. The number of electric cars in the Indian market is increasing rapidly. While on the one hand domestic car manufacturers such as Tata Motors and Mahindra are expanding their portfolio of electric vehicles, on the other hand many foreign brands are also finding their way in India with EVs. Recently MG Motor launched its smallest affordable electric car MG Comet. Now the two-door Myli small electric car from the French company Ligier has been spotted during tests in India. Let’s know.

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Ligier Myli may enter Indian markets

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Let’s tell you that this brand is famous for producing small cars. Now, according to Motorbeam’s report, its micro-electric SUV has been spotted during testing in India. It is believed that the company may soon launch this car in the Indian market. However, no information has yet been shared by the company about this.

Ligier Miley K variants and looks

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Speaking of the Ligier Myli, the car comes in a total of four variants on the European market. Including Good, Ideal, Epic and Rebel. Its length is only 2960mm which makes it smaller than Tata Motors’ Lakhtakia Nano introduced in the Indian market. It’s a two-door car, similar to what you saw on the MG Comet. Its wheelbase is quite short and it gets 15-inch alloy wheels and disc brakes.

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