People were afraid of the rumor that a leopard was coming

People were afraid of the rumor that leopards would come to Fatehabad

Fatehabad (Sachhoon News). The rumor that a leopard would come late at night in the villages of Karian and Noorki bordering Fatehabad spread like a fire. Whereupon a commotion arose among the villagers and the people were alarmed by issuing a proclamation about this from the Gurudwara Sahib of Kariya. The villagers have not slept all night. In the morning, people have also seen claw marks of a large animal in the mud near the Johad of the village.

But this incident was not reported to the Wildlife Department. When Wildlife Department officer Daljit Singh received information and was shown the markings, he stated that these markings appeared to be the paws of a German Shepherd or some other type of dog. After this, when he looked around, a Labrador retriever was found drenched in mud. It is believed that the claw marks belong to this dog. Fatehabad

It is learned that the children of migrant workers who had come to plant paddy near Johar last night had reported seeing a leopard when they saw a large white animal near Johar. After which the rumor that a leopard would come to the village spread. People started sharing information about the arrival of leopards on social media and even got it done from Gurughar to Munadi. Fatehabad

It can be noted that on March 16 last year, a leopard had entered the fence of a house in Kukdanwali village, adjacent to Fatehabad. The leopard has been hiding in the enclosure here all night. In the early morning, when the people of the house woke up to feed the animals, they saw a leopard-like animal in the broken room in the enclosure and alerted the Wildlife Department. After 6 hours of hard work, the teams of Hisar, Rohtak and Fatehabad managed to get the leopard under control. In addition, a young man was injured by hitting him with his leg. It was then believed that this leopard must have come here from the hills of Shivalik via Ghaggar.

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