North India plagued by ‘Jal Pralay’, drought of these states…

rain shortage
Rain Shortage North India hit by ‘Jal Pralay’, these states are surprised by drought!

This state is waiting for rain, crops can be in bad shape!

New Delhi. Rain shortage: On the one hand, the whole of northern India has been ravaged by heavy rainfall and flooding for almost two weeks. At the same time, there are some states of the country that are waiting for the rains and eagerly awaiting the monsoon. Telangana, Kerala, central southern and some northeastern states are said to have received less rain than expected. These states are going through a heavy monsoon phase, which is likely to affect crops as well.

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Let’s tell you that the continued heavy rains have wreaked havoc in many states. In most states of North India, the devastation of ‘Jal Pralay’ was most observed. This rain for two consecutive weeks made up for the lack of monsoon. According to the Meteorological Department, the monsoon started in all states of the country from June 1, telling that except Tamil Nadu, all the southern states have received less rain than expected this monsoon season, affecting farmers’ crops. . Crop sowing has been delayed in parts of Telangana, Andhra, Karnataka and Kerala due to the mild behavior of the monsoon, according to a report. Not only this, the government of Karnataka and Telangana have also pointed out the possibility of drought if the monsoon is less than expected.

The report cited the TSDPS (Telangana State Development and Planning Society) bulletin as saying that the total rainfall from June 1 to July 11 was 150.4 mm, while normal rainfall should be 197.5 mm. That is, there has been 24% less rain. According to the data, heavy rains were recorded in the state during this period last year. Telangana had recorded 395.6 mm of rainfall in June-July last year. The state has received 65% less rainfall than last year.

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Speaking of the state of Karnataka, a similar situation has also been observed there. According to Karnataka Meteorological Department officials, most of the dams are on the verge of drying out due to scant rainfall. The Krishnarajasagar (KRS) dam, which supplies Bengaluru and other places with water, continues to run dry. The water level has dropped to 30 feet. Also, the water level in the Tungabhadra dam, which supplies Hyderabad and surrounding areas with water, is continuously dropping. It doesn’t rain enough to fill such dams and rivers. Officials have said that if the situation continues, there could be a problem with electricity generation and drinking water.

On arrival in Kerala, the monsoon has not shown its true form even in Kerala. Due to less rain, the situation is the same there. There has been insufficient rainfall in many places in Kerala. According to Met Department officials, with the exception of some parts of northern Kerala, most places have recorded less than normal rainfall. Kerala has seen a rainfall deficit of about 31%. There is a severe shortage of rain in about 9 districts.

Apart from the south, the situation is also similar in the eastern states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha, which saw less rainfall than last year. On the other hand, except Assam, rain is expected in all northeastern states. These states receive more rainfall than the rest of the country, but are still waiting for sufficient monsoon rains.

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