Kairana News | Two houses collapsed in the rain in Kairana, no casualties

Kairana News
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Kairana (honestly news). Heavy rainfall in Kairana caused two houses to collapse in several places. It is a matter of honor that there was no casualty. The intermittent rains in the area over several days have become a cause of trouble for the people. The rain on Wednesday morning caused the roof of Gulfam, a resident of the city’s Mohalla Bedowala Kuan, to collapse. Kairana News

Similarly, in Gumbad, the place of the city itself, the rough roof of the house of a person named Sanjay also absorbed the rainwater. The beams in the roof could not support the weight of the ground and the roof collapsed. Household items worth thousands of rupees have been completely damaged due to being buried under the rubble of the roofs of both houses. It is, however, a matter of pride that no casualties have fallen. The victims have demanded compensation from the administration. Kairana News

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