Kairana News | Mother-daughter extorted 2.35 lakhs from Asha employee, case filed

Kairana News
Fraudulent mother-daughter who runs an illegal nursing home accused of extorting Rs 2.35 lakh.

Kairana (honestly news). Asha worker has accused mother-daughter fraudsters, who run an illegal nursing home in the name of treatment, of extorting Rs 2.35 lakh. By order of the court, the police have reported fraud against the accused mother-daughter and have launched a preliminary investigation. Kairana News

Shabnam’s wife Intezar, resident of Nahid Colony, Kairana, through her attorney Ajay Chauhan Advocate filed an application in the court of the additional chief judge of the judiciary, Kairana, stating that she works as an ASHA. About three years ago he had a stomach problem, for which he consulted Dr. Rakhi and his mother Sudesh alias Kiran, who run their clinic on Gangeru Road in Kandhla city, approached for treatment. After examining him, he said to serve him. Kairana News

After this, Dr. Rakhi took 35,000 rupees from him and performed abdominal surgery. Two to three months after the operation, he had abdominal pain again. When she spoke to the doctor who performed the surgery about this, she asked for medication. Told that till now she has taken medicine worth about two lakh rupees from said Dr. Rakhi, but she got no relief. Now he is advised to undergo surgery again. The filing alleged that said Dr. Rakhi had fraudulently performed surgery on his stomach without any training and experience and extorted Rs 2.35 lakh from him. Kairana News

Complaint letters were sent to Kandhla Police and SP Shamli on the matter but no action was taken. After examining the application, the court ordered the Kandhla Police to register a case under Sections 406 and 420 IPC against Dr. Rakhi and her mother Sudesh alias Kiran. On this, the Kandhla Police has taken action in advance after registering charges against the accused mother-daughter under relevant sections.

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