Is something big going to happen in Haryana politics?

Haryana News
Haryana News Is something big going to happen in Haryana politics?

New Delhi (Sach Kahun News). Haryana News: Prime Minister of Haryana Manohar Lal met Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his residence here on Tuesday about the current situation of flooding due to heavy rains in the state and information about central plans in the state. herald some major projects in Haryana. Later, Manohar Lal told the media in Haryana Bhavan that the Prime Minister was aware of the waterlogging and flood-like situation in the state.

He said that Haryana has had a lot of rain in the past two days and a large amount of water has also come to us in Himachal Pradesh due to the heavy rainfall. People had to be moved from low-lying places with a lot of flooding. Haryana News

The Chief Minister said there was a combination of Western Disturbance and Monsoon resulting in heavy rainfall. Such a coincidence was also made many years ago, but now this Western Disturbance has advanced after this afternoon, reducing the rain pressure in our place. Weather experts think it will rain less in the coming days.

In response to a question, the chief minister said that the flooding in the Ambala area was more because there was water from both sides. Water flowed into the SYL channel from one side and there was flooding from the other side due to wave action in the Ghaggar and Tangri rivers. This affected 12-13 villages in the area and about 25 to 30 thousand people from those villages have been moved to other places. They are kept in public places such as schools, banquet halls etc. and the administration, NDRF and the military are all involved in relief and rescue operations. Food, water and essential items are delivered to these people. Haryana News

The Prime Minister informed that at a place in Panipat there was also erosion in the canal, which has been brought under control. He informed that some bridges have been broken in Panchkula and landslides have occurred in Morni area. Now that the rain has stopped, all departments will make arrangements in their own way and the situation is expected to return to normal in the next 24 to 48 hours. The chief minister said rain has caused damage to infrastructure such as roads, bridges etc which is under assessment. At the moment, the government’s focus is more on providing assistance to the affected people. The Prime Minister has assured the people of the state that if anyone has suffered any loss, it will be compensated by the government. Haryana News

The Prime Minister has also informed the Prime Minister about the completed central arrangements. He said that this particularly includes Pradhan Mantri Swamitva Yojana, which started as Lal Dora Mukt Yojana in Haryana and was later adopted by the central government and implemented across the country. He said that Haryana is the first state in the country to complete Pradhan Mantri Swamitva Yojana. This scheme has been implemented and completed in all 6,500 villages of the state. Haryana News

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Similarly, we have also completed the project to connect villages with internet facilities under Bharat Net project through Village Information Technology. With this, we have completed a major task in IT sector in Haryana by connecting all places of public services be it village secretariats or Anganwadi centers, schools, PHCs, CHCs etc. to the internet. Haryana News

The Prime Minister has also invited the Prime Minister to lay the foundation stone and inaugurate some projects. He mentioned these projects and said that all formalities have been completed for the development of Aravalli Safari Park in Gurugram and Nuh districts and the establishment of AIIMS in Rewari. They are invited to lay the first stone. Similarly, while the Ambala-Kotputli National Highway No. 152D, a green field route, has been opened to motorists, the Prime Minister has also been urged to formally dedicate it to the public.

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