GST Council | 50th Meeting of the GST Council in New Delhi

GST Council
50th GST Council meeting held at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi

“Central government should positively consider Rajasthan’s demands regarding GST”

Jaipur. Representing Rajasthan at the 50th meeting of the GST council held at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi on Tuesday, the Minister for Urban Development and Housing, Shanti Dhariwal, said that the central government will resolve all pending issues related to GST at the earliest. to resolve with Rajasthan. so that the state government can improve the financial management of the state. Dhariwal said that the AG certificates for the year 2021-2022 have been submitted by the state government and the AG certificate for the year 2022-23 can only be received after the end of the year. GST Council

It is therefore insisted that 90% of the remaining outstanding compensation amount is itself provisionally released to the state this month. He said that states will not receive any compensation amount for the period after July 1, 2022 and that the compensation tax collected by the Center will be used by the Center for loan repayment, taking into account that the debt restructuring and liabilities have been rationalized. The issue of compensating the states should be considered.

The tax burden on articles of daily use by the peasant class should be reduced

Shanti Dhariwal said in the meeting of the GST council that in the past the states also requested from time to time to reduce the tax burden on the articles of daily use by the general public, especially the peasant class, in this regard, the is on It is said that Rajasthan’s suggestion should be considered. GST Council

Dhariwal opposed the interference of the Enforcement Directorate in the process of GST and said that it is very important for the central government to reconsider in this regard, if the Enforcement Directorate is used to crack down on the irregularities related to GST collection act, then it will send a wrong message to the traders. . Rajasthani news

Dhariwal also put forward the state’s position on special procedures regarding manufacturers of tobacco products based on the report of the group of ministers for capacity-based taxation, which should be investigated. Given the idea of ​​taxing permitted online games, he said it would be appropriate to make a decision on this only after consultation with the Union Ministry and other stakeholders. Tax Commissioner Ravikumar Surpur also attended the meeting of GST council. Jaipur news

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