World Population Day | Population spike: a challenge, not an achievement

world population day

World Population Day: By leaving China, India has become the leading country in terms of population. Such possibilities were already expressed that India would soon overtake China in terms of population growth, but this possibility was expressed around 2028, but India has not done this work until 2023. The rate at which the population graph has increased in India is astonishing and any achievement is overshadowed by the growing population like Sursa.

‘World Population Day’ is celebrated on July 11 every year to raise global awareness about population-related issues. In the context of India, the rapidly growing population leaves us behind in providing basic needs such as education and health for all. Due to the growing population, the problem of unemployment in the country has become acute. There are reasons like illiteracy, poverty, conservatism, religious fanaticism and cunning desire to dominate a particular community, which become more and more challenging with the increase in population. This issue reduces the items that come into each Indian’s share. world population day

The country of 36 crore people, which gained independence in 1947, has grown into the world’s largest populous nation with 142.86 crore population in just 75 years. In these 75 years, India’s population has more than tripled. Population growth is so high that more people are added to our population each year than the total population of countries such as New Zealand and Australia. Of course, the problems of food, clothing and livelihoods for the growing population of Sursa also took on formidable proportions.

The commitment needed to implement population control measures in national governments has been lacking in every government. The greatest political compulsion behind this was the transformation of a certain part of the country into a voting package. As long as there were congressional governments in the country, this ballot box continued to give them power, and the greed of this power prevented the Population Control Act from being passed.

While the slogan ‘Hum Do Hamare Do’ brought mass awakening in the upper classes of Hinduism, the slogan of the revered Guru Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan of Dera Sacha Sauda ‘Bachcha Ek Hi Sahi Ke Nahi Baad Nahi’ A huge part revolves on the principle of. This class has largely controlled the growth of the population. But even in the lower echelons of Hindu society, the awakening that should take place is not yet visible. Now the time has come for the central and state governments to implement the Population Restriction Act across the country with full dedication over time, putting into practice the slogan ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ in an impartial manner. world population day

According to the Population Control Act, it is necessary to have such facilities as to give people the option of grant, loan or ration, etc. when the family grows to a limited number only. It is necessary to have restrictions on the birth of children in excess of the prescribed number. Religious and social resistance can also arise during the implementation of such a policy, so that the policy of introducing the law on population control can be adopted step by step. Just as there are rules for posterity in many other countries, our governments, taking into account the circumstances of the country, must also create such provisions. world population day

When implementing and implementing population control facilities, it is paramount that public awareness campaigns are conducted in a persuasive manner. Particularly for people who are lower or uneducated and more influenced by religious ideas, the help of such religious institutions can be enlisted to tell them that the child is not only a gift from God, but also the result of physical fertility. population

It should be explained to people that the more children they have, in the same proportion, the less food, clothing and living space will be available to them, which will always keep them at the bottom and their standard of living will also remain low. It should also be explained to them that producing more children is not a work of merit, but a cause of sin, because it is a sin to produce such creatures that we cannot even raise and care for properly. It is necessary to provide information in various courses about the adverse effects of population growth and practical measures to prevent them. This work should be done not only in government schools and colleges, but also in religious schools and colleges. world population day

At the same time, free education and other facilities should be increased for people who produce fewer children, this will also have a positive effect. There is no harm in setting the rates of essential services, such as electricity and water, according to the number of members of a single family, if there is a commitment from governments. Through hesitant policies of population control and restrictive and negative motivational measures, we overtook China and rose to the top position in population, but we could never have a strict population control policy like China. We must control the population by any means and by any technology. For that, a law on population control must now be made or awareness must be brought to the people or something else must be done. population

Incidentally, India is still a country of the youth and if this is accompanied by a far-reaching policy, then this growing population can be used for the development of the country. It is believed that India will not be a land of old people at least until 2054. Today, the need of the hour is to make the education of the country an education of efficiency and ability. Practical knowledge of technology and productivity should be taught in schools more than book knowledge. At least 50% of the time children spend at school should be spent on productive work. If not more, then after the ninth grade there should be such a form of education that part of the cost of the child’s education begins to come from the products made by him.

There should be provision for the education of 12th and after that the cost of his education should be paid by the apprentice through his productive works. The school buildings will have to be expanded and modernized for this purpose. It should be made compulsory to have production areas in every high school and high school, where children produce goods according to the demand of the times under the guidance of skilled trainers and there should also be a sales and purchasing department in the school, which keeps engaged in the supply and distribution of raw materials. Making efficient arrangements for the sale of manufactured goods. The way private colleges and universities are admitted is very important to control them to strict standards otherwise these institutions will continue to hand out diplomas in the form of slips of paper and the youth of India will be unemployed and roaming the streets. Of course, reaching the peak of the population is not an achievement, but a great challenge and we need to find ways to deal with it. world population day

Dr. Ghanshyam Badal, Senior Writer and Independent Commentator (Author’s own opinion)

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