The venom of this snake eats down to the skin

snake island
Snake Island Snakes flow here, not rivers?

Snake Island: Today, apart from the news, we are going to tell you such an interesting news (Ajab Gajab News) that will surprise you that this can happen. Yes! Which you will enjoy reading. There are many such places in the land and world full of adventure, mystery and wonders. So there are many such places where the beauty of nature can be seen. Today we are going to tell you a place where you cannot get free from dangers. According to the information, so many snakes live in this place that if a person even accidentally goes there, he cannot be expected to return alive.

Let’s tell you that this dangerous place is located in Brazil, which is known as ‘Snake Island’. According to the information, the real name of this island is ‘Ilaha da Queimada’. Let us tell you that although this island looks very beautiful, you will be surprised to know that the world’s most dangerous snakes live on this island.

snake island
snake island
Snakes flow here, not rivers?

What is the reason that only snakes are found there. snake island

It is said that this beautiful looking island has now become the den of snakes. Due to a mistake of the scientists, no one can go there now. According to the report, snakes of viper species are also found on this island. It is said that snakes of this species can fly. Their venom even strangles human flesh. According to the report, there are more than 4000 snakes of different species on this island. Let us tell you that the Brazilian Navy has banned the common people from visiting this place.

But according to a recent report by a scientist, the number of snakes on this small island has increased so much that the snakes can’t get food there now, because other small and large animals live on the land of this island. them their food.

Now there is no other animal on the land of this island. This is the reason that now the snake species present on the island make their own food from snakes of other snake species. Other snakes cannot do this. They sit in the trees and wait for the birds. The fear of this island has increased so much among the birds that even the birds do not want to come near this island. It is exactly the same as the number of people on earth is increasing day by day. Resources decrease and people increase.

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