The bus drove with the dead on the wrong side.

Road accident in Ghaziabad
Ghaziabad Road Accident Bus drove wrong side dead, lives of 6 people of Lil Lee family

Ghaziabad (Ravindra). Ghaziabad Road Accident: A family of Meerut was hit hard on Tuesday. A horrific road accident on the Ghaziabad Expressway in the morning tragically killed 6 family members, including 3 children. Two people are also seriously involved in the accident, whose condition remains critical.

According to the information received, a family resident of Dhanpur village from Incholi police station in Meerut went to Khatu Shyam on Tuesday morning at 7 am in their TUV car. There were 8 people in the car, including 4 children. Meanwhile, a school bus coming from the wrong side hit the car on the Vijay Nagar Flyover on the Delhi-Merai Expressway. The collision was so severe that the occupants of the car were severely trapped, whom the police managed to free with great difficulty. Road accident in Ghaziabad

While giving information, the police said that Narendra Yadav, his wife Anita and two sons Himanshu and Karkit died in this horrific accident as well as Babita, the wife of Narendra Yadav’s brother Dharmendra Yadav and their daughter Vanshika. Narendra’s brother Dharmendra Yadav and his son Aryan are seriously injured in the accident, their condition is also critical.

According to the police, Prempal, the bus driver of Noida’s Bal Bharti School, was returning from Delhi. He walked the wrong way after getting CNG filled from Ghazipur. It is said that during this time he was in a state of intoxication. He walked about 5 miles in the wrong direction and during this time this horrific accident occurred. The police have arrested the bus driver and sent him to jail and are interrogating him.

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