Pilibanga News | Soil loader with overloaded tractor trailer…

Pilibanga news
The Transport Department seized and overloaded the vehicles illegally loading the tractor trolleys.

Pilibanga (honestly news). The Transport Department on Tuesday seized vehicles illegally loading and transferring tractor trolleys. In the continuation of the campaign for strict adherence to road safety rules, on Pilibanga Rawatsar road, by conducting a special investigation campaign, Transport Inspector Amit Sudda illegally took action on tractor trolleys and was found engaged in illegal mining. crane machine, a loader and an overloaded tractor truck were seized in Kalibangan. Pilibanga news

Sudda told that about two lakh rupees of the remaining revenue collection of the transport department is made on these overburdened vehicles. On behalf of the transport department, the campaign of continued action against vehicles in the Pilibanga block and the illegal exploitation of excess land or other material of the prescribed amount The seizure and confiscation of the vehicles involved will also continue. Pilibanga news

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