Heavy rain | Oops…rainy storm hits roofs in Ambala, don’t know when…

heavy rain
Heavy rain: Army engaged in rescue work in Ambala and Narwana branch canal broken in Kurukshetra.

Home Affairs and Health Minister Anil Vij traveled in a kayak

  • Broken Narwana branch canal in Kurukshetra, rescue work in progress. heavy rain

Ambala/Kurukshetra (To tell the truth/Devilal Barna). Heavy Rain: This time in Haryana, the rain has brought less relief and more trouble. The situation is very bad in Panchkula, Ambala, Yamunanagar and Kurukshetra districts of the state. Tuesday in Ambala where the rainwater reached people’s roofs. In Kurukshetra, thousands of acres of crops were flooded and water flooded into many villages due to the breakup of the Bhakra-Narwana branch. The Markanda River is also in flow in Kurukshetra. As a result, many villages have been flooded. Haryana’s Home Affairs and Health Minister Anil Vij was in a boat in his home area of ​​Ambala to inquire about the condition of the people on the streets. On the other hand, people trapped in rainwater in Ambala are rescued by the army. Many people are stranded in the area around the Tangri River in Ambala and are being evacuated by the army.

Flood situation, just announced. heavy rain

Ambala district is in a state of disorder due to continuous rain for 3 days. Now Interior Minister Anil Vij himself has landed in the field and inspected the area while sitting in the boat. Although the flood has not been declared by the administration, flood-like conditions prevail in the district. Ambala City is flooded due to water intrusion from Ghaggar River. In Ambala Cantt, the water has reached the roofs due to the release of excess water in the Tangri River. People trapped in the flood are rescued. The Markanda River is in surge due to rainwater coming from the mountains in the area of ​​Mullana and Narayangarh which has flooded Barara, Narayangarh, Mullana and Shahzadpur.

Ambala recorded 601 mm of rain

Rain water has caused much destruction in Ambala district. A record 601 mm of rain fell in the past 3 days. The Meteorological Service has declared the possibility of rain until July 12. The overflowing Ghaggar, Tangri and Markanda rivers have inundated the surrounding villages. In addition to Ambala City and Cantt, rural areas are also in the grip of flooding. After the situation spirals out of control across the district, the district’s Disaster Management team, along with the military, NDRF and HDRF, are on the front lines. 19 boats are arranged in Ambala district. Teams from all four departments rescue the people trapped in the flood. People also go to safer places themselves.

Roads also affected by rivers. heavy rain

Jalandhar highway connecting Ambala to Punjab was flooded after Ghaggar river flooded but still Highway-152 connecting Rajasthan (Hisar) to Ambala, Delhi-Chandigarh National Highway is under water up to several meters. be closed. On the other hand, the Panchkula-Yamunanagar National Highway connecting Himachal and Punjab to Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand is closed due to the flooding Markanda River. On Monday, while crossing the highway, the bus overturned in the strong water current, from which 27 passengers were safely evacuated by the police.

Naravana branch breaks down

In the Kurukshetra district, thousands of hectares of rice crops were inundated due to a rupture in the Narwana branch channel near Thol village. Not only this, the water has also flooded many villages, making the common people concerned. At the same time, the Markanda River is also on a rapid rise, which has flooded many villages. Dozens of villages are full of water because of this.

The police have issued an advisory. Anil Vy

The police have issued an advisory stating that the Chandigarh-Ambala highway has been opened to heavy vehicles. Barwala-Panchkula road has been opened from Ambala, Baldev Nagar Panjokhara Sahib underpass for small vehicles. NH 44 is open for vehicles going to Punjab Ambala Delhi. Water is still full at Panchkula Saha Shahabad. At the same time, Ambala, Kaithal and Hisar road is closed due to flooding.

Opened all gates of Otu Head in Sarsa

Due to heavy rainfall in Himachal, Punjab and Haryana, the Ghaggar River flowing through all three states is in wave form. The Ghaggar River enters Rajasthan through Otu Head in Sarsa District of Haryana. In view of the rising water level of the river, the Sirsa district administration has diverted all water from Otu to Rajasthan on Tuesday. All gates of Ootu Head were opened. The water level of the Ghaggar River rose to 60,373 cusecs at noon on Tuesday. In the last 12 hours itself, 12,000 cusecs of water has risen in Ghaggar at Otu Head. Until Tuesday afternoon, 60373 cusecs of water was recorded at Guhla Cheeka, 12900 at Khanauri and 7474 cusecs at Chandpura in Ghaggar River.

Problems in three districts due to Yamuna water. heavy rain

Yamuna water reached Karnal and Panipat villages except Yamuna Nagar. In Panipat, the cow shed was flooded by water. Some cows also died. Soon the water reaches Sonepat and then Delhi.

School holidays until July 15 in Ambala

Haryana’s GT Road belt was the hardest hit by the continuous rain. Here, 600 villages in about 9 districts are affected by water. The worst condition is in Ambala, where 40% of the area is still under water. In view of this, school holidays in Ambala have been extended to July 15. heavy rain

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