Considering the rainy season, the Electricity Department…

Dhamtan Sahib
In view of the rainy season in Dhamtan Sahib, the electricity department has issued advice

Dhamtan Sahib Sachkahun / Kuldeep Nain. Superintendent Engineer Pramod Kumar Singla of the Electricity Department said that people should take precautions to avoid accidents due to electricity in the rainy season. The common man is also responsible for the safety of life and property thanks to electricity. Therefore, people should be careful with electricity.

Superintendent Engineer said that people often call the department as soon as the power goes out. Wait 10 minutes for this. The rainy season is underway. Avoid touching electrical poles, don’t tether your livestock to electrical poles, if possible, don’t run programs under power lines.

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Keep the proper distance from power lines to new buildings, if there is an electric pole on the ridge of the farm, plow it to the right distance, if sparks occur on the electric pole, immediately inform your feeder incharge, JE, concerned substation. Give, if there is a strong spark on the pillar in the rain and there is water in the area, do not go through that path or into the water and also warn others about this.

If there are electric wires near a tree, do not climb on it under any circumstances. Transformers, do not clamp the pipes with bamboo or anything else, leakage of heavy pipes can cause a major accident. Do not ride on the roof of a large vehicle. If a line has come loose due to rain or is low from the top of the road, inform your feeder in-charge, JE or substation immediately so that timely improvements can be made.

Do not encroach on the electric poles in the four walls or boundary wall, there can be huge loss in case of an accident. Only use good quality equipment at home. Provide grounding in the electrical installation in the house and keep your equipment connected to it. Avoid touching or opening equipment without your knowledge. He told that if a person is in the grip of electricity, do not touch him immediately in a hurry. Rather, make sure you are in a dry place, then wear your shoes, which are not wet and have no metal attached, then try to free the person from insulated sticks, plastic, wood that are dry, if the shot in home, immediately turn off the main power and take the accident victim to the nearest hospital.

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