Concrete measures must be taken to prevent flooding

Concrete measures must be taken to prevent flooding

Flooding: There is havoc from rain in northern India. People waited for the auspicious arrival of the monsoon which turned into a tingle and howl after 24 hours. The reason for this heavy rainfall in northern India is attributed by the meteorological department to the combination of active westerly disturbances and cold monsoon winds over the Himalayas. As a result, northern India received 59 percent more rain than normal. The formation of an acupressure area over Rajasthan is also believed to be the reason for heavy rainfall. Whatever the reason, it is largely beyond the power of man. It is definitely in the hands of man that he should not mess with nature.

Indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources in the name of development, erosion of forests and mountains, uncontrolled pollution are some of the reasons that have upset the balance of nature. If man does not correct these errors in time, who will be left to use development? Governments must take serious steps to deal with nature. Second, it was the view of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji that the country’s population suffers from drought in some places and floods in some places. excess rainfall is diverted to the drought-prone areas So that there are no floods in the areas with excessive rainfall and there is no water shortage in the drought-prone area. floods

This vision of the former prime minister was appreciated by all governments, but so far no government has been able to put this vision into practice. The governments are making big claims about saving water, they are publicizing it, campaigning to save water, but when it rains, the governments don’t even have one percent schemes to deal with it. If the plans for retaining rainwater and connecting rivers are seriously implemented, the fuss over one or two days of rain could be avoided.

Governments of Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Uttarakhand and Himachal are holding emergency meetings with their respective officials, serious consideration and consideration is given to the safety of life and property of the people of their states which is also the duty of the governments. But if such a vehemence is not only in the monsoon season, but throughout the year, then perhaps the disaster of one or two days of rain can be largely avoided. It is true that no one can escape the destruction of nature, but the outrage that begins before the destruction can be prevented by human efforts. Governments must rise above regionalism and regionalism and make serious efforts to prevent natural disasters. Instead of short-term measures, permanent and lasting measures must be found to prevent disasters. floods

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