Transport Department | Transportation Department banned bus carriers

Transport Department
Transportation Department banned bus carriers

Pilibanga (honestly news). The Transport Department carried out an intensive vehicle control campaign on Monday. Team members led by Transport Inspector Amit Sudda, on the complaint of buses not stopping at bus stop 35 STG on Hanumangarh Suratgarh Fourlane road, were examined on the spot by Transport Inspector Amit Sudda and stopped the buses at the bus stand and ordered the passengers to go rajasthan news

Passengers of 35 STG coming from Pilibanga Suratgarh must be dropped here or action will be taken as per rules. In addition, the traffic inspector, in interaction with the passengers present at the bus stop, also informed about the road safety rules and called on them to inspire others by being aware of their rights.

During this check of the documents, weight and road safety equipment of trucks, trolleys and other vehicles traveling on the four-lane route, the drivers were asked to follow the rules and help the person in any kind of traffic accident reach the nearest hospital. entered for. Transport Department

Tell that the villagers of village 35 STG filed a complaint with the district collector and demanded that the passengers going to Suratgarh and Pilibanga for school, college and daily work and wages be confronted because the buses were not secure. Transport Inspector Amit Sudda showed himself ready and immediately arrived on the scene and restrained the bus drivers. The villagers expressed their satisfaction with the functioning of the investigation and also thanked the department for solving the problem.

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