Sri Ganganagar News | A middle-aged man was killed by hitting a brick at night for drunkenness.

Sri Ganganagar News
When the police saw the footage from the CCTV camera, the entire murder incident was visible in it.

Police charged Marg with murder after seeing the incident on CCTV footage

Sriganganagar (Sachhoon News). Across the road, just in front of the local police station of Meera Chowk, a middle-aged man was bricked to death for drunkenness at night. The police first registered the case of an ordinary marg, but when the police saw the footage from a CCTV camera installed on the roof of a shop some distance from the spot, the entire murder incident was visible in it. After that, the police registered a case of murder and arrested the accused youth. The post-mortem of the dead body was carried out by the Medical Council. Sri Ganganagar News

According to the information received, a person is selling ice cream on a wooden shelf on the corner across the road in front of Meera Chowk Police Chowki. Two people slept on this bed at night, one of whom was killed by stone bats around 4 a.m. on Sunday. The killer fled from there. Around 6 am, people informed the police when they saw a person lying dead in a pool of blood near the throne. According to the police, the deceased was identified as Sunil Balmiki (48), who lived in the Rain Basera of the Municipal Council, opposite Chhajgiriya Mohalla, on Meera Chowk to Meteorological Road.

The police first recorded an FIR under section 174 of the CrPC based on a report from Vidya Devi Valmiki (47), a woman who had a live-in relationship with him as his wife for almost 25 years. Sunil had a deep head wound. In the report, Vidya Devi expressed doubt about Sunil’s death. The police conducted the post-mortem by the medical board of the dead body at the mortuary of the district hospital. Sunil’s relatives, experts and many other people gathered. Not injured, but he was killed. Nevertheless, the police registered a case under Section 174 of the CrPC.

However, the police had the autopsy performed by the medical board of the dead body. According to sources, the doctors informed the police that Sunil’s injuries were not caused by themselves, but that the death was suspicious. After this, the police started checking the footage from CCTV cameras installed around the scene in Meera Chowk. The entire incident of Sunil’s murder was visible in the CCTV camera installed outside on the top floor of a Rang Paints store, two or three stores in front of the drink machine on SSB road leading from Meera Chowk to the eternal canal leads. Sri Ganganagar News

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