Main organization welcomes newcomer BSA

organization bulandshahr pradhan welcomes new bsa

Call to complete Operation Kayakalp target head

Bulandshahr/ Jahangirabad. The welcoming ceremony of the newly appointed BSA Lakshmi Ratan Pandey was organized at TVSG Farm House Jadol Block Jahangirabad. All India Head Organisation, Primary and Upper Primary Teachers Association block Jahangirabad and all teachers of the block participated in the function and congratulated the newly arrived BSA Lakshmi Ratan Pandey by hurling them, presenting bouquets and hoisting scarves. School children gave a beautiful presentation of welcome song Saraswati Vandana etc.


The BSA expressed its gratitude to the organizers and said, overwhelmed by its welcome, that it is very happy and satisfied to know that almost 90 percent of the Operation Rejuvenation work in the district’s parish schools has been completed by the village chiefs. The cooperation of the village chiefs will continue in the same way in the future.

While teaching the current teachers the lesson of hard work, dedication and hard work, they called on them to achieve the goal of Skilled India. He said that all teachers should come to the school on time. Do not be negligent in fulfilling your responsibilities. He also assured to solve the real problems of the teachers with priority.

The district secretary of Pradhan Sangathan and the village chief of Jadauli village, Dr. Ajit Singh, said that all the main schools have fully cooperated in the progress and will continue to cooperate fully in the future. He said that it is only possible to get respect by giving respect. The program was chaired by District President of Gram Pradhan Sangathan Jagmal Singh Mavi and coordinated by Titouta Head Teacher Naresh Pal Singh.

Sunil Dutt Sharma, Block President Manoj Kumar, Rijul Hasan, Sudhir Sharma, Kailash Chandra, Harihar, Aga Naseem Haider, Harvinder Singh Digvijay Sharma Sushma, Usha, Surbhi Saini Ashu Rani Rajeshwari Arvind Krishna Prasad Pranav Jitendra Kumar etc. had a commendable collaboration. The organizers also honored the wife of outgoing BSAV K Sharma.

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